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Monthly Rent
Rental Violins
$ 14.95- $22.95
Rental Violas
$ 16.95- $24.95
Rental Cellos
$ 34.95- $42.95
Rental Flutes
$14.95- $22.95
Rental Piccolos
$22.95- $29.95
Rental Oboes
$39.95- $45.95
Rental Clarinets
$14.95- $22.95
Rental Bass Clarinets
$35.95- $42.95
Rental Alto Saxes
$29.95- $42.95
Rental Tenor Saxes
$39.95- $54.95
Rental Bari Saxes
$55.95- $69.95
Rental Trumpets and Cornets
$14.95- $22.95
Rental Trombones
$14.95- $22.95
Rental F Horns (single)
$29.95- $42.95
Rental Baritone /Euphonium
$39.95- $54.95
Rental Double F horns and Tubas
$64.95- $74.95
Rental Snare drums
$15.95- $19.95
Rental Bell kits
$15.95- $19.95
Snare and Bell combos
$17.95- $22.95
Rental Drum sets
$49.95- $59.95
Rental Acoustic Guitars with bag
Rental Keyboards
From $29.95
Rental Electric Guitars and Basses with amp, bag, cable
Rental PA systems with microphones, speakers and cables
$75.00 per week
IMC is your best choice for instrument rentals.

We designed our rental program with the parent in mind.  Nobody knows if the student is going to.. stick with it, change their mind, love it and play for the rest of their lives, lose it on the bus or... you’ve got the picture.  

We offer easy, flexible, no-hassle, low-cost rentals for just these reasons.  

100% rent to own.. Just keep renting and it will be yours!
We offer your students the best chance for success by only renting high-quality instruments. Even though there are instruments that cost much less... We don’t believe that they will hold up over time and/or cause problems for your student.  We are committed to quality.
If your student loves it and you want to buy the instrument, pay off early for 30% of what is left on the contract.
Or, if your student loves it and you want to buy a better instrument, you can use your rent paid towards a step-up in the same instrument family.
Minimum rental is only 2 months, after that the contract is month by month.  You may return the instrument at any time, there is no long term contract.  
We make every effort to have no-charge loaners available to rental customers who need a repair.  
We have several rental rates from New to “B-grade” depending on how used the instrument is.  Visit our store to see your options.