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FAQ About IMC during COVID-19

What is the total time committment for all judging activities at NSEC 2020?

As a judge, you should expect to dedicate a total of 13 hours to the role starting from the time your application is accepted though October 10th. Crash Course - 1 hour Once your application is complete you will receive a link to NSEC 2020's judge crash course. The course is new this year and we believe this hour will be well spent. We will walk you through how to judge the sales engineering competition and how to efficiently read and learn the NSEC 2020 case study. Learning the case study - 2 hours On Friday, September 4th, we will release the judge version of the case study to all judges. This gives you about a month to learn the case study including the scenario, meeting details, and character details. With help from the judge crash course, we believe you will be able to conquer the case study. Remember, you have approximately one month to complete this task. Questions - 1 hour Expect a total of an hour for questions. We will host office hours during the week of September 14th and you are free to email the organizers as you please. May you'll end up on this cool FAQ board! Judging - 9 hours Finally, judges should expect to be available for all competition events on October 3rd and October 10th. Judges may also participate in any other conference activities on October 9th.

What is the total time committment for all mentoring activities at NSEC 2020?

As a judge, you should expect to dedicate a total of 12.5 hours to the role starting from the time your application is accepted though October 10th. Crash Course - 30 minutes Once your application is complete you will receive a link to NSEC 2020's mentor crash course. This course will help you understand how to interact with your team and offer tips to help teams without giving away answers. Learning the case study - 1 hour We will release the competition case study to mentors and competitors on Friday, September 18th. By this time, all mentors should be assigned to teams. Mentors should expect to spend a total of an hour to become familiar with the case study. Team introductions - 1 hour During the week of September 14th, you should expect to spend thirty minutes with each team (a max of two teams) for an introduction meeting. Mentoring - 9 hours We ask mentors to dedicate thirty minutes a week to each mentee team. Since mentors are assigned a max of two teams you should anticipate 1 hour a week starting the week of September 21st. The remaining 5 hours should be distributed across October 3rd, 9th, and 10th. You should plan to be available to help the your mentee teams through the competition.

How do I register to volunteer at NSEC 2020?

1. Fill out the NSEC 2020 volunteer application. An NSEC organizer will review the application. We primarily look at your professional experience and we specifically look for sales engineering experience. We accept both new and experienced sales engineers for a variety of perspectives! Applicants may choose to volunteer as a judge or mentor, but not both. 2. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the your respective role's training. You will be asked to respond to the confirmation email to confirm your availability to fulfill the volunteer responsibilities. 3. Complete the your volunteer training Once you complete your volunteer training, you will be ready to volunteer at NSEC 2020!

What activities should I do with my team as a mentor?

We do not want to restrict the creativity of our mentors, but we do have a framework for those looking for a little spark of inspiration! In the weeks leading up to NSEC mentors will have about 4-5 opportunities to meet with each team. Meeting 1 In the first meeting we recommend mentors get to know their teams and build credibility. Spend a little bit of time talking about yourself, but spend the majority of the time learning about each student in each team and what they are looking to get out of NSEC. Meeting 2 In the second meeting, offer the opportunity to answer more general questions about sales engineering. This is a great time to promote the skills you find most valuable to a sales engineer. This is also a great time for career advice. Meeting 3 At this point, mentors and the teams should have received the case study and your mentees should have had a chance to review the case study. Use this meeting to do a discovery role-play. Challenge the students as a buyer. This offers a great icebreaker to role-plays for your mentees. The mentor crash course will describe in more detail how role-plays are organized. Meeting 4 - 5 Only you can know what to do at this point. Assess your mentees progress. If they are ready, perhaps you can do a more advanced role-play. If the team needs help elsewhere, use this this time to teach them more skills. Tired of talking shop? Talk about life! You are the expert, and we know you will do a great job 😊 During the Competition This year, teams will compete on Saturday, October 3rd and Saturday, October 10th. On Saturday, October 9th, teams have the opportunity to participate in workshops for a final burst of learning during NSEC. During this time, you should switch to resource mode. Let your teams reach out to you. Guide them along the way, but do not give them answers. The mentor crash course will teach you how to guide your students to an answer instead of givit it away.

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The following links were sourced and compiled by the amazing folks over at 
The University of Arizona College of Medicine

For ease of access we have duplicated this information below.

Click the link above for direct access to the UofA's list including ongoing updates.

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Tucson Mutual Aid Resource Doc: This Google document provides links to multiple community resources in the areas of food assistance, school lunches, help for seniors, food industry workers, musicians & artists, LGBTQIA; public services, childcare, youth, homelessness, domestic violence, immigration/refugee aid, justice, medical, mental health, recovery, immediate job openings, animal welfare, and more.

Pima County/Tucson Community Resources

Arizona Resources​

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University of Arizona Resources

Resources for Parents

Resources in Multiple Languages

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