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December Staff Picks 2022

december staff picks musical instruments and accessories

What's does our staff want for the holidays?

Our staff of musicians, students, parents & teachers have gathered the instruments and accessories that they would love to receive as gifts this holiday season. Did yours make the list?

Danelectro Stock '59 Black Electric Guitar

Danelectro Stock '59 Black Electric Guitar

"This guitar is a vibe. Giving a redolent whiff of years past, this guitar has been updated, to have a bright future! This guitar is similar to the Stock ‘59 (their flagship), but with some great upgrades. They upgraded the Bridge, (no more wooden bridge piece). They also swapped out the stock lipstick pickups, for the upgraded NOS plus pickups! These pickups are more punchy, and toneful across the sonic spectrum. This is an amazing instrument, at home, or on any stage. Make someone happy this year, even if they’re on the naughty list."

- Syd

key leaves and spit sponge

Keep Tucson Musical Trucker Hats


Hit those air brakes, stop on by and grab yourself one for the road!

Keep Tucson Musical! Only $9.99 while supplies last!”

- Richard

Taylor Swift - Midnights Piano/Vocal/Guitar

Taylor Swift - Midnights Piano/Vocal/Guitar

“Bored of practicing scales? Tired of Hot Cross Buns? Give your inspiration a boost by learning some bangers! This book is packed full of catchy melodies, straightforward chord progressions, and of course, endlessly relatable lyrics. With versatile arrangements for piano, vocals, and guitar, it’s got something for any musician looking to expand their repertoire. All sheet music is 15% off during the month of December. So pick up your copy today!"

- Wes

lp single egg shaker assorted

Instrument Ornaments

“We have so many different instrument ornaments to choose from! You’re bound to find the PERFECT lil gift for the musician or music enthusiast in your life! ”

- Katie

vox amplugs

Vox Amplugs

“The Vox Amplug headphone guitar amps are lots of fun and convenient for any guitar or bass player that regularly travels with their instrument. The Amplug fits right into any guitar case and has a few amp types and effects built right in! "

- Chico

harry styles harry's house p/v/g sheet music book

Harry’s House Piano/Vocal/Guitar

“Have you heard this album? Because I’ve heard it about a million times. My wife and I can’t get enough. I’m so excited Hal Leonard has made it easy to play these songs so I’m not exclusively singing it to myself around the house.”

- Lucille

Reserve Mouthpiece Patches

Reserve Mouthpiece Patches

"The Reserve mouthpiece patches by D'Addario have the perfect balance of comfort and functionality! Protect your teeth and your mouthpiece! I’ve been a big fan for years!”

- Thomas

Ibanez SR370EF Fretless Bass

Ibanez SR370EF Fretless Bass

“If you’re looking for something to warm you up this holiday season, check out this Ibanez Soundgear Fretless Bass Guitar! This thing is the definition of smooth and WARM, perfect for any time you want an incredibly robust low end sound. The combination of the fretless design and the flat wound strings it’s currently equipped with gives it a buttery-smooth feel 🎶🎶🎶”

- Chase

XS Electric Guitar Strings

XS Electric Guitar Strings

“These strings are a BLAST to play! Coated strings often have a greasy, or undesirably 'slick' feel to them. The new XS coating from D’Addario is ultra thin, and you’ll barely even know its there! After a few months of play time on my personal guitars, I can confidently put a huge thumbs up on this new lineup from D’Addario."

- Dakota

The Four Chord Songbook Piano/Vocal/Guitar

The Four Chord Songbook Piano/Vocal/Guitar

“Did you ever want to play a song but you can only remember four chords at a time? No problem! I got 60 pop songs you can play today! Come by the store and pick up the four chord songbook, make it in before the end of the month and get 15% off! "

- Lui

Yamaha MG10 Analog Mixing Console

Yamaha MG10 Analog Mixing Console

“The Yamaha mg10 hits a perfect balance between rugged and lightweight, as well as professional and accessible. It’s a 10-channel analog mixer, packed with Yamaha’s D-Pre mic preamps. These are low-distortion, high frequency range preamps that allow for noiseless, dynamic and accurate sound straight from the source. Put it all in a durable metal frame, and you’ve got the last mixer you’ll ever need. "

- Wyatt


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