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February Staff Picks 2022

It's the season of love...

...and our staff is sharing exactly what they're in love with this February around the shop. We have so much fun highlighting the instruments and accessories that call to our staff members and are always excited to share them with you.

TMV777B x Coppersound Triplegraph Pedal

"The first time I played this pedal I giggled. Seriously GIGGLED. This is such a fun pedal to play with and spurs on creativity. I'll be using this with my guitars and cello often!"

- Michael Santander


Danelectro '59

“I’m a sucker for the ‘59 from Danelectro. This is the same kind of guitar used on Sleater Kinney’s 'Dig Me Out' album in 1997, and it has such a unique tone and playability. That album rocked my world and was a big part of the riot grrrl movement which changed the landscape of the music industry.”

- Lucille Petty

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Audio Technica Wireless Headphones

“What's better than a pair of ATH-M50's? WIRELESS ATH-M50's!

These headphones not only sound as amazing as the wired versions that Audio-Technica makes, but are super comfy and easy to use. And a single charge will last you a long time, so they are perfect to take with you on the go. I've owned a pair for a few years now and they have been my favorite headphones to use. And the best part...they are in stock!”

- Luis Gomez


Repair Tech James Gunn

“Mr. Gunn’s saxophone repair work is always of the highest quality. His full adjustments can transform a badly playing horn into an instrument that is a pleasure to play. James also restores damaged saxes with his masterful solder work and dent repair that is second to none! My personal collection of rare French saxes are always in top performance condition thanks to James. His uncompromising standards of craftsmanship assure that I would not trust my saxes to any other technician in the United States or Brazil.”

- Richard Sullivan


Vic Firth Stick Bag Backpack

“There is a detachable stick bag and it makes it the most convenient bag for ANY percussionist. It can hold everything and more from practice pads, metronomes, sticks, mallets, tape, music, water bottle and snacks. So many pockets for organizing, all while being super comfortable to wear and travel with.”

- Katie Martin