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Happy Holidays!

2022 Is Just Around The Corner!

IMC will be closed: December 25th - Christmas Day January 1st - New Years Day A lot has happened this year at IMC! From our new logo, to our new store design. From the staff we said goodbye to, to the new members of our IMC family. From Leslie's natural hair color, to neon rock star locks.

Where the year started...and how it's going!


It's been a big year for us, and for Tucson's music community. We've been so lucky to see each other performing again at concerts, gigs, and in each other's backyards. We've been so impressed with how our community has been coming together after much uncertainty, and even though the future is still not certain it's clear that we are stronger together.

Thank you for being part of Tucson's music community, and as always, thank you for choosing IMC as your local music store!


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