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How to Book a Show at Groundworks in Tucson [What you Need to Know]

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"Groundworks is an all-ages venue and non-profit community arts space dedicated to developing creativity and talent in Tucson's youth arts scene." - Groundworks

Between their live music venue, gallery, arts programming, and community space Groundworks is one of the most unique spots in Tucson to experience and play music. With a focus on being an all-ages space Groundworks offers the opportunity for young musicians to get their start in our local music scene.

We asked Logan Greene, Board President and Executive Director of Groundworks, how to book a show at the space and here's what we learned:

What is the best way to get in contact with you about booking?

Either through our website OR our booking email:

Do you require a link to music the performer/band makes?

Links to music are not required, but definitely appreciated. If we don't have a link, then just a description of the music would be great!

Do you require a media package?

No media package required, but photos, videos and other content is helpful!

Should a performer/band reach out to you directly, or do you prefer managers to contact you?

Generally we prefer working directly with the artist, but if an artist has a manager, then please loop both in whenever possible!

a band of young women playing music at groundworks in tucson

What can performers/bands expect in terms of payment?

Payment depends on the show! While most of our shows are a 50/50 split between the bands and the venue, some shows have a different payout agreement. If it's a local show that we set up, we typically just split the 50% with the number of bands. Some shows, however, we have set budgets for bands or bands will even rent the space from us and keep 100% of the door. We're flexible, but always check in if you have a specific way you'd like to be paid!

How far out should performer/band reach out about booking?

We're an all-volunteer run organization, so sometimes we are able to book far out and sometimes we are in need of last minute fill-ins. I would recommend 2-3 months to set up a show, but please reach out often to let us know you're interested. Sometimes, we even need to book the week-of!

Are performers required to fill the rest of the bill?

Generally we book the locals for our shows, but occasionally we need help with a bill or because of lineup changes, extra hands on booking is appreciated! Always open to suggestions too!

Are performers directly required to sell tickets ahead of time?

There are no requirements for ticket sales or any other pay-to-play format. However, we do have an online portal where fans and friends can buy tickets ahead of time and artists are encouraged to share the link for their show!

Is there anything else folks should know about the process? Anything we missed?

Feel free to reach out to us via our website if you have any specific questions regarding booking or if you want to get involved in volunteering!

Learn more about Groundworks at their website:

We hope to see you playing on their stage soon!


Is there another venue in town you'd like to learn how to book? Let us know!


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