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How to Book Thunder Canyon Brewery [Tucson Venue]

Typically in our How to Book series we interview folks from your favorite Tucson venues to find out everything you need to know when it comes to booking.

Thunder Canyon Brewery makes it easy to find those deatils on their website, but to make it that much easier for you we've listed them here as well:


"Let’s keep this simple. We want you at our venue and we have a few options to lay out for you. Please read through the options below Along with some rules before you inquire.

1st option: We offer a 10% bar (food included) payout during your show hours. Along with this option, the Promoter/ Main act will receive a bar tab. You will be required to handle the run of the show and the distribution of the bar tab.

2nd option: Ticketed shows are after 8 pm (Unless discussed beforehand) and you take 100% of the door with NO bar payout or tab. You will be required to handle the run of the show and door as well.

3rd option: If you are charging performing acts to play (unethical and we stress no pay to play) there will be a sound man fee as well as a venue rental fee. This will be negotiated with a contract and with a 75% deposit paid by the promoter. Cancellation of any sort can be rearranged for a later date however we also reserve the right to not book you again in this case.

All Shows

1. All shows are 21+.

2. You are The Promoter. We provide the space and do basic promo.

3. Sound and stage is provided.

4. NO more than 6 performing acts for Rap Music and NO More than 4 acts for Rock Music. (special requests for more acts can be made. Please list details in the message portion of the form)

5. No more than 3 vendors per show. (special requests for more vendors can be made. Please list details in the message portion of the form)

6. Load in is at 6 pm with a sound check to follow

7. We are NOT A CLUB. We are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4 pm - 12 am….. All shows should be done by 11:30pm and load out and payout should be handled by midnight.

8. We are considered a production facility that happens to serve beer and spirits. We must abide by federal and local laws.

9. Smoking Marijuana inside the brewery are grounds for removal of the property. With our production facility it is a federal offense and we cant allow smoking for ANYONE.

10. We do not have a green room.

11. YOU (As the promoter) must provide the rider for your show.

12. You will be required to sign an expectation of conduct form before arrival.

13. Anything perceived as violent acts or hateful speech is not allowed. We will cut the show at any point if needed. We reserve that right. Please respect people and the space.

14. We only check our booking email Three times a week. Please do not follow up, Unless you don’t hear from us a week AFTER your submission. That would be very rare situation.

15. Special requests can be made. Please list details in the message portion of the form.

16. Projector screen - Submit a youtube link or google slide link

on the day of event. You must ask for the email at the venue at load-in. You must provide a video person or have the video on loop. We will NOT control the slides or video. Screen is 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

Overall, You are in control of your event. Please be organized and ready when you approach us. Our staff consists of touring musicians and have put together concerts for over 15 years. Our expertise brings value to your show.

We set the bar." - Thunder Canyon Brwery


Find more information about the venue and submit a booking inquiry here:


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