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Save $50-$100 On a New Yamaha Wind Instrument

yamaha sounds of spring $50-$100 rebate 2023

Let talent bloom this spring!

From April 10th - June 30th 2023 when you purchase a qualifying Yamaha instrument model from Instrumental Music Center you'll receive a $50-$100 rebate direct from Yamaha using the link below!

Not sure if the instrument you're planning on purchasing qualifies, or simply want to check what level of rebate you'll receive? Use the handy chart below!

Find the instrument type using the first three letters of the model of instrument you're interested in. Look for the first number in that specific model. That will inform you as to what rebate level you can expect that series of instrument to offer.

Example: A YTR-8335 is a Yamaha Xeno Trumpet. "YTR" refers to "Yamaha Trumpet" and "8335" is in the 8xxx series in the chart. This instrument qualifies for a $100 rebate.

yamaha sounds of spring rebate qualifying models 2023

Questions? Feel free to reach out to a member of our staff!


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