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Teacher Feature - Ms. Ranee Schmuker

Ranee Schmuker director of bands

Ms. Ranee Schmuker (she/her) is the director of bands at Canyon Del Oro High School also known as "Ms. Ranee" by her students.

She is a self described "mixture of mom, musician, educator, coach, and student on any given day."

"I believe the student voice is as beneficial, if not more, than my own. The student voice and program culture sets the sail, and consequent direction of any program. It is my job, as instructor and director, to nourish that voice, give them the tools necessary to meet the expectations and responsibilities required and set for them, and guide their voices through the multidirectional waters of learning...

...I have an intense passion for music indeed, but an even greater passion for using it as a means to inspire others to find a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and success in and out of their musical endeavours." - read more

ranee schmuker canyon del oro high school band

We asked Ms. Ranee six questions about her life as a musician:

What Instrument Do You Play?

Clarinet is my main instrument, but can be found doubling on saxophone and flute frequently.

Best flavor of Pop Tart?


Favorite Piece to Conduct?

This is a hard question...I enjoy all of them. Been working on Robert Russell Bennett's Suite of Old American Dances, and that has obviously been fun.

Baton, Pencil, or just your hands?

All of the above.

What Instrument do you WISH you knew how to play?

Drum set

Best piece of musical advice you've been given?

Trust your instincts and adjust as necessary, they have gotten you this far.


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