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PLAYABILITY – Responsive with a balanced resistance, the BVT1470 provides traction to the musical line and great projection. The ideal color to support any horn section.


DEPENDABILITY – Within the Blessing legacy, the valve trombone has been an important of our brand story. The new BVT1470 continues that tradition, offering valves when a slide won’t do.


AFFORDABILITY – A BVT1470 is fun to play and perfect color instrument to add to your arsenal. Its upscale look and feel is positioned to be accessible for the musician or school program.


  • Performance Series - Key of Bb
  • 8” Engraved Yellow Brass Bell
  • Yellow Brass Mouthpipe
  • Yellow Brass Outer Slide
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • 460” Bore
  • Clear Epoxy Lacquer finish
  • Small Shank Trombone Receiver
  • Blessing 7C Mouthpiece
  • Blessing C1470BVT Case

Blessing BVT1470 Bb Valve Trombone

SKU: BVT1470
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