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15% Off Amps & Microphones

pro audio sale 15% off all in-stock amps and microphones coupon code AUDIO15

Get amped this August!

Your trusty new amp is waiting for you at IMC! This August we're giving you 15% off all in-stock amps and microphones in our store and online! We have a curated collection of amps from Yamaha, Boss, Blackstar, Ampeg, Line6 and more! Plus get 15% off all in-stock microphones (limited availability online)!




(p.s. keep your eye on our social posts/website where we'll be listing some of our favorite amps and microphones for purchase online with free local delivery)

line 6 spider MkII guitar amps

Line 6 Spider MkII Guitar Amps

SKU: 99-010-0205 and 99-010-0235

There should be no such thing as “just” a practice amp, because inspiration should never be hampered by limitations or boring sounds. The Spider V 20 MkII amp delivers authentic and inspiring tones instantly, making it a perfect partner for running down licks, writing songs, and experimenting with cool guitar textures at home or on the road.

Yamaha THR5A 10w Acoustic Desk Amp

Yamaha THR5A 10w Acoustic Desk Amp


THR5A is optimized for use with electric-acoustic and Silent Guitars. Utilizing advanced modeling technologies developed by Yamaha, THR5A offers simulations of classic tube condenser and dynamic mics combined with studio-grade effects to create recording-studio tone direct from your guitar and wherever you are.

yamaha storia III acoustic guitar

Powerwerks Personal PA Systems


The Powerwerks personal PA systems combine quality performance and convenient features, all in highly portable packages. You'll find that they work well in a variety of environments, amplifying vocals, instruments, keyboards, drum machines, audio devices, and more.

Boss Katana 50w MkII Guitar Amp

Boss Katana 50w MkII Guitar Amp


Katana MkII takes the acclaimed Katana guitar amp series to the next level, turbocharging the core platform with more sounds, more effects, and more features. The onboard effects categories have been expanded from three to five, providing even more real-time processing to choose from. The usability has been ramped up too, with a power amp input for modelers and multi-FX, updated editor software, and many other enhancements.

blackstar debut practice amps debut10e debut15e

Blackstar Debut Practice Amps


Designed by the same UK R&D team as Blackstar’s high-end valve amps, Debut practice amps deliver the ultimate playing experience for guitarists who are just starting out and want great tone. Their simple to use, analogue design combined with gorgeous high-end cosmetics to create the most desirable practice amps available. Whatever your ability or budget, these cool amps raise the benchmark for tone, features and desirability. Start your playing journey with Debut Series.

shure sm58 dynamic vocal microphone

Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone


If you’ve ever heard someone sing or speak into a live microphone, there’s an excellent chance it was an SM58. Rock stars. Pop idols. Comedians. Presidents. Popes. Immortal words have passed through its iconic grille for generations. And with engineering and durability that set the world standard, it’s sure to keep turning up at legendary performances.


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