Instrumental Music Center was built with the music teacher in mind and with the intention of providing a store that could satisfy not only the needs of Tucson's community of local musicians but work as a direct, easy to use, and versatile service to the teachers and students in Arizona.


IMC is an approved vendor for countless school districts in Arizona and has been included in various state contracts over the years. In January of 2016 IMC was re-recognized as an approved vendor on State Contract TUSD S.A.V.E. and MOHAVE Contract 17F-IMC-0503. Reference either contract number with your purchasing department to ensure a hassle free ordering process.

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Educational Services Manager


Things with strings and frets

TUSD School District S.A.V.E.
S.A.V.E CONTRACT 21-71-C25
Mohave Arizona Cooperative Purchasing

Ever curious if we carry something you're looking for? Hoping to scope out a new brand or line of products? For your convenience we've created a product catalog detailing many (but certainly not all) of the brands and products that we carry. Flip through the catalog below or download yours today!

All pricing listed inside is before the awesome school discounts we offer. Be sure to reference the part numbers you find in your price quote request above!

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