Instrument Rentals



What do I need to start a new rental?

Starting a new rental is super easy! Your contact information, picture ID, and a matching valid credit card are all we need to get you or your student started today. The downpayment on the rental is equal to two rental payments, and that downpayment applies directly to your monthly rent.

Should I rent a like new or used instrument?

  • Our like new instruments have less wear and tear (less dings/scratches). The cases are usually nicer as well. Like new can be BRAND new or very lightly used depending on availability.
  • All of our used instruments have been thoroughly adjusted, sanitized and play-tested. We guarantee them to play great!
It's up to you! The great thing about all of the rentals at IMC is that they're rent to own. You can either rent the one you have on your first day until its yours, you can pay it off early and get a discount for doing so, or you can use your rental payments toward another instrument in that family whether it's an upgrade to a nicer model, or something a little more unique. You get to decide!

What comes with my instrument rental?

We want you or your student to be successful and have everything they need to start playing.

  • Most woodwind instruments will come with mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, mouthpiece caps, and cork grease.
  • Most brass instruments will come with mouthpieces, tuning greases, creams, and oils.
  • Orchestral instruments will come with bow, rosin and something to wipe down your instrument with.
All instruments come with a case or bag, of course!

  • 100% rent to own. Just keep renting and it will be yours!

  • We offer your students the best chance for success by only renting high-quality instruments. Every year, IMC buys hundreds of new name-brand instruments to rent in Tucson. 

  • If your student loves it and you want to buy the instrument, pay it off early for 30% off what is left on the contract. 

  • If your student loves it and you want to buy a better instrument, you can use your rent paid towards an upgrade in the same instrument family. 

  • Your initial payment covers up to 2 months, after that the contract is month by month. You may return the instrument at any time, there is no long term contract.  

  • We make every effort to have no-charge loaners available to rental customers who need a repair.  

  • We have several rental rates from Like New (either brand new or used once) to Used (more cosmetic damage) depending on how used the instrument is. All instruments have been thoroughly sanitized and adjusted prior to rental. 

  • IMC does require a major credit or functional debit card on file to do a rental.  We charge this card if rent falls late. IMC also utilizes autopay services, so that the rent is automatically deducted each month. It's a great way to avoid late fees! 

  • No out-of-state billing department to deal with. IMC is locally owned and operated!

  • We have select upgrade rentals available for that advancing student! Stop by or call our store for details!