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What if my child wants to keep their rental instrument? [3 Options]

Your student's musical instrument is practically glued to them. They've got a little sparkle in their eye every time they talk about band or orchestra, and how much they love playing. You can't picture the two of them apart. It's a rental instrument... so what next?

Haven't started a rental yet? Get started

Just keep renting and you'll own it

If you're renting to own, eventually you will reach the end of the payment period. When this happens it usually means that you have paid for the full retail value of the instrument.

At Instrumental Music Center we will send you a letter or an email letting you know that you have completed your rental and are now the owner. This is a great time to sign up for our Extended Coverage.

Pay it off early and get a discount

If your student is attached to the instrument you're renting, or you're interested in paying less for your rental instrument in the long run you can pay it off before the end of your estimated rental period.

At Instrumental Music Center we offer a 30% discount to renters who want to pay off their rental early. This is applied to the remaining amount due and can be done in person or over the phone.

Upgrade to a nicer model

Your student may be fond of the instrument they're renting now and unable to picture themselves with anything else. That might change when they see what else is available. You can use your rental payments toward the purchase of an upgraded model.

Whether you want to buy a newer version of the same exact student model, want to look into intermediate instruments, or are ready to make the leap to professional you can use the entirety of your rental payments at Instrumental Music Center (not including Theft, Damage, Repair Coverage fees) to put toward the purchase of something new.

Sometimes it's just meant to be. Renting an instrument is all about experimentation, budgeting, and setting a music student up for success. Now when the time comes to make a purchase, you'll know what to do.

Have more questions about our rental process? Visit our rental page


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