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What if my rental instrument needs repair? [How Instrument Coverage Can Help]

Did your student set their trumpet down on a music stand only to have it knocked off by a fellow classmate? Clarinet take a tumble down some stairs? Is something hanging off, or worse...dented? Don't panic. We know what to do.

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Don't try to fix it yourself.

Unless you're a skilled instrument repair technician, or it's a simple fix a music teacher or band director can help you with, we don't suggest trying to fix it on your own as this can further damage the instrument.

Bring it in for repair.

Taking your instrument in for professional repair is the best way to make sure the problem is addressed quickly, carefully, and accurately. This can also help identify other potential issues not visible to the untrained eye. Our repair shop is the largest in Southern Arizona and we're ready to help! Schedule a repair

before and after images of a trumpet with extreme dents in the bell next to the same trumpet with the dents completely smoothed out

Get a loaner instrument while you wait.

If you can't be without your instrument while it's in the repair shop, a loaner instrument is a great option to keep you playing in the meantime. We do our best to keep loaner instruments available for a small fee (free if you have our Theft, Damage, Repair Coverage).

Out-of-pocket pricing v. repair coverage.

Depending on how much work is needed to repair the instrument pricing can vary widely, and can only be estimated in-store after close examination by a technician. Renters with our Theft, Damage, Repair Coverage can bring their instrument in at any time at no additional cost.

Extended Coverage for instruments you've purchased.

Our Theft, Damage, Repair Coverage is only available to people who are currently renting their instrument from Instrumental Music Center, but if you end up buying the instrument at the end of a rental period, use your rental payments to upgrade to something professional, or simply make a purchase of a band or orchestra instrument from our store you can apply for our Extended Coverage program, paying a flat fee at the beginning of a year-long period to take care of your repair needs as they come up.

Take it from us, you don't want to try to solve the problem yourself. A skilled instrument technician is like a really good hairdresser, or that one mechanic you recommend to all of your friends. You'll be glad you found them, and won't want to go anywhere else.

Have more questions about our rental process? Visit our rental page


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