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What comes with an instrument rental? [Complete List]

You've just rented an instrument, taken it home, opened the case, and something's not right. You realize that you don't have everything you need to start playing and don't know how to take care of your instrument. This never happens at Instrumental Music Center.

Each instrument is unique, and requires specific tools and parts to play and maintain it. We make sure you have everything you need included with your rental.

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What comes with a woodwind instrument rental?

  • Mouthpiece: Clarinets and saxophones need a mouthpiece to create a sound .

  • Reeds: Clarinets, saxophones, oboes and bassoons use small strips of bamboo that vibrate in a player's mouth to create their signature sounds.

  • Swab: All woodwind instruments should be swabbed out after playing to remove any moisture that has collected in the instrument.

  • Cork Grease: Cork rings on most woodwind instruments help connect one part of the instrument to another, and sometimes need to be greased to fit them together easily.

What comes with a brass instrument rental?

  • Mouthpiece: All brass instruments require a mouthpiece to create a sound.

  • Slide Grease: Brass instruments are made of metal and have some parts that slide to help players find the right sound (or slide all the way off for maintenance) and require a little bit of grease to help those metal parts move safely against each other.

  • Oil: Trumpets, cornets, euphoniums, baritones, tubas, and French horns have valves or rotors that are pressed with the fingers to change notes. Oil is used to make sure these don't stick or feel slow when playing.

What comes with an orchestra instrument rental?

  • Bow: A long tool with horsehair attached that is pressed and dragged across the strings of any orchestra instrument to create the sound you know and love. They come in different sizes and are unique to each orchestra instrument.

  • Rosin: A small block of hard tree resin that you coat the horsehair of a bow with. This helps to make the hair sticky enough to produce a sound on the strings.

  • Cleaning Cloth: Use this to remove any fingerprints, or rosin dust that might drop off of the bow while playing.

What comes with a percussion instrument rental?

  • Stand: Snare drums and bell sets are played while standing. Stands help to lift them off the ground to a comfortable height.

  • Sticks: Made of wood, these are held in a player's hands and struck against a drum to produce a sound.

  • Mallets: Made with wooden handles and either a plastic or rubber tip, these are held in a player's hands and struck against bells to create a sound.

  • Practice Pad: Percussion instruments are all about rhythm and a practice pad helps to explore different rhythms without creating the loud sounds a drum or bell set makes.

You wouldn't send your student to soccer practice without their cleats, shin guards, water bottle, and soccer ball. The same concept applies to band and orchestra classes. We make it easy to grab all of the essentials at the same time as your instrument.

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