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What if my kid wants to quit music? [Rental Instruments]

Your student has been playing in school band or orchestra for a while, they've tried private lessons, but they're just not that into it. Maybe they never were, or maybe this is a new development. What should you do when you're renting an instrument and your child doesn't want to play anymore?

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Talk it through

It might be worth asking why the change of heart. Is there something going on at school? Do they wish they were playing something else? Are they not having fun? It's possible there's something that needs to be adjusted somewhere else that's causing overwhelm, and quitting might be an attempt to solve an unrelated problem.

Return the instrument

Plain and simple, if your student really doesn't want to play music anymore all you have to do is return the instrument. Life happens, people change, and it shouldn't be hard to account for that.

At Instrumental Music Center we don't charge cancellation fees, and only offer month-to-month rentals, so there's no need to worry about returning before the end of a certain year. We'll keep your rental payments on file and if your student changes their mind and wants to play that instrument after all we can work with you to combine payments from a previous rental with a new one (certain exclusions apply, only available for the same instrument type).

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