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20% Off D'Addario Humidification This March 2022

daddario humidification products 20% off

Big savings on guitar humidifying systems!


We know just how tough it can be to keep your guitar in playing condition. Tucson is bone dry most of the year, but from freeze warnings to monsoons, and the occasional trip out of town it can be hard to maintain the humidity of your guitar. This can lead to cracks, wood distortion, and tonal differences throughout your guitar's lifetime.

Now is a great time to make sure your instruments stay hydrated. This march D'Addario and IMC are teaming up to give you 20% off guitar humidifying systems like the Humiditrak, Humidipak, and refill 3 packs!


Humidipak Maintain -

Automatic Humidity Control System


Normal Price $24.99

Sale Price $19.99

Humiditrak - Bluetooth Humidity & Temperature Sensor


Normal Price $49.99

Sale Price $39.99

Humidipak Maintain Replacement Packet 3pk


Normal Price $18.99

Sale Price $15.19

Promotional pricing only available March 1st 2022 to March 31st 2022. Check back often for more sales and specials on musical instruments and accessories only available at Instrumental Music Center

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