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2020 Best Selling Accessories for Musicians

2020 is OVER!

To celebrate we wanted to share with you IMC's best selling accessories of 2020:


#1 - Handmade Face Covers These face covers are made by our owner Leslie! Available in tons of fun colors and patterns, these were our top seller in 2020. Who would have thought?!

#2 - D'Addario Light Gauge Guitar Strings D'Addario's top selling acoustic guitar strings are ours too! Not surprising at all, these strings are a staple in any guitar player's case.

#3 - OnStage Guitar Stand Instrument stands are a must have for any musician and this guitar stand is no exception. Help keep that New Year's resolution to play more music by keeping your instrument out if its case where you can see it.

#4 - Pro-Arté Normal Tension Classical Strings Once again, D'Addario's best selling classical strings made it to the top of our list. Rich toned, well balanced, and super comfortable.

#5 - OnStage Folding Music Stand These have flown off the shelves year after year, and 2020 was no exception. These little stands are portable, foldable, and come with a lightweight carrying bag.

As we move into 2021 we will continue to update you on the latest store news, new products, and can't miss events and sales.

Thank you for continuing to choose IMC as your local music store!


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