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April Staff Picks 2022

Can't Miss Staff Picks this April!

Whether you've started gigging again, are thriving in your at-home studio, or are just looking to spice up your practice time, we've got a bunch of freshly picked instruments and accessories our staff of musicians, teachers, parents, and students have been loving around the shop this spring!

d'addario padded leather saxophone strap

"Incredibly comfortable and with an innovative clasp design that assures that you always have a totally secure connection to the strap ring on your horn."

- Richard Sullivan

“The uniquely sensitive response of the handmade Evah Pirazzi violin strings from Pirastro allows for every minute detail of a performance to be translated directly into sound. Ease of play and powerful projection give these strings the strength to hold up in a large ensemble, without sacrificing the nuance necessary for solo performance.”

- Wyatt Whiting-Hill

“Every percussionist will light up a room with these eye catching sticks. Super fun fortnight jams and they make practicing stick heights in the mirror a blast. They come in all different colors so you can feel like a percussion Jedi… or Sith 😈

- Katie Martin

“The new Venn synthetic reed (generation 2) we just got in are blowing me away. Available in 2.0-3.5+ (sax & clarinet) this synthetic reed is unlike others because it has real cane particles to make it feel like a cane reed, but with the convenience and durability of a synthetic reed. I seriously recommend this reed for any player that doubles or if you love having a rich warm sound, quick response and precise flexibility. Come try these out today!”

- Thomas Tovar

“I’ve been using NYXL strings for years now. They stay in tune better and overall sound better tonally, to my ear, compared to other brands. In the studio, on tour, or at home practice; these are my string of choice for all situations."

- Chico

“We just got the Goodtime Special back in stock! These banjos are made in the USA and have the most projection and plunk compared to other brands. We are also stocking the GUK Banjo Ukulele for you! Come give them a whirl!”

- Leslie Strim

“I use the Hartke Kick Back Amp all the time. From inside or outside gigs as a stage monitor, to stand alone bass amp for Bluegrass or a low range monitor when mixing songs. The bang for your buck is outstanding!”

- James Gunn

"The LED Ring Light Kit is a sweet deal for a versatile tool. Adjust brightness as well as warmth to hit the right contrast and mood for your projects. One Ring Light, Two Stands… this thing is the THUNDERDOME of home A/V production!"

- Wally

“This mural has been a long time coming. When we started developing plans to rebrand the shop and update the interior of the store Michael Santander knew he wanted a mural behind the front counter that was uniquely Tucson. We were able to find that through Ryan at Saywells Design Co. who also designed our logo, and Kurt Schlaefer from Signs By Kurt who made the dream on paper a reality on our wall. Stop by the shop to take a look in person, and keep Tucson musical!"

- Lucille Petty

“The Blackstar Debut 15E guitar amplifier is Syd’s pick for staff pick this month. Pairing portability with great tone never sounded so great! You can have a lovely clean guitar sound, and unleash a distorted salvo, with just the push of a button. We also have a nice, authentic delay onboard (echo…echo…echo….) Run all of that tone through dual 3” stereo speakers, you’ll see the size of this amp is deceiving. You can also plug in your MP3 player, and jam along with YOUR music!"

- Syd


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