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August Staff Picks 2023

august staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Back to Cool Season

We've been greeted already by some gorgeous monsoons. There's nothing like sitting on your porch playing your instrument while the rain comes down in Tucson and these are the instruments and accessories that our staff of musicians, students, parents & teachers have been loving that can keep you company.

Band and Orchestra instrument rentals

Instrument Rentals

"All beginners need to have a great first experience and that’s what our rental program offers. We have really great kid-proof insurance with no hassle. Keep renting and you'll own it or cancel at any time and there's no fee. It gives me great satisfaction to give people the gift of making music. This is my favorite time of year"

- Leslie (Owner's Choice)

irig pro duo i/o

iRig Pro Duo I/O

"This ingenious little device allows me to seamlessly express my musical fantasies into reality. I can do that, only using my smart phone, or home computer! I can also plug in my MIDI keyboard, and trigger sounds inside my preferred recording software! You can record anywhere, anytime!"

- Syd

idcore beam guitar amp

ID:CORE BEAM Guitar & Bass Amp Gray

"BIG SOUND… in a small package. The Blackstar BEAM guitar and bass amp is ideal for everyone! With full frequency range to give you bright highs and punchy lows mixed with Bluetooth playback capabilities, this will become your most frequently used speaker in your lineup!"

- Lowe

on-stage low volume cymbals

On-Stage Low Volume Cymbals

"These cymbals are super affordable and quieter than your regular cymbals. These make sense for parents, kids, and anyone with a neighbor complaining about the volume. Pair these with a set of mesh drum heads and you can practice on your full drumset without waking anyone up!"

- Leslie (Owner's Choice)

NU-X Mighty Lite BT Amp

NU-X Mighty Lite BT Amp

"This is a great portable amp that’s also perfect for an apartment. Comes with distortion, fuzz, reverb, and delay. Allowing the player to create a variety of great tones. Plus a drum button with tap tempo that works great for writing songs."

- Nathan

LP Medium Pitch Jam Block

LP® Jam Block Medium

"Your marching band director has one of these bad boys in their hand and says 'alright one more rep' IYKYK


- Dakota

Yamaha YOB-441M Intermediate Oboe

Yamaha YOB-441M Intermediate Oboe

"Oboe bores are particularly thin which makes them susceptible to cracking ESPECIALLY in changing weather conditions (see: Tucson’s dry climate v. your moist breath). The injected core on this oboe means there’s a layer of resin inside to help protect the wood from the elements. Doesn’t affect the playability, and is a great bang for your buck."

- Leslie (Owner's Choice)

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier Pro

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier Pro

"As the heat continues to rise in Arizona, every acoustic guitar should have a humidifier! This will keep your guitar in great condition while the Arizona sun beats down on us :)"

- Kimi

Pearl Bass Boom Cajon

Pearl Bass Boom Cajon

"BOOOOOOOM! The low end on this Pearl Cajon is absolutely unreal, and is the perfect fit for your next living room performance or live acoustic gig.


- Chase

audio technica ice blue headphones

Audio Technica Ice Blue Headphones

"Is the summer heatwave wearing you down? Are you looking for any excuse to get some relief from the heat? Audio Technica's new Ice Blue Headphones might be the perfect thing to cool you down. Don't wait too long to grab a pair though, These headphones are Limited Edition so make sure to come by the store before they melt away..."

- Luis


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