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February Sale - 15% Off All Electric Guitars & Basses

If we could we'd give you a whole bouquet of guitars, or a heart shaped box filled with guitar pedals, but 15% off all our in-stock electric guitars and basses this February is pretty lovely too ❤️🎸

Shop in store, or shop our full stock of electric guitars and basses online with free local delivery!




Ibanez GRG131DX Black Electric Guitar AZES40 Purist Blue Mint Green sale

Danelectro '59 Black Electric guitar Yamaha RS720B Ash Gray Revstar Ibanez RGMS7 7 string RG7421 Pearl Black Fade Metallic

Danelectro '56 Red Burst Baritone Electric Guitar Ibanez AZES31 Vermillion AX120 Metallic Forest AF75 Jet Blue Burst Hollow Body

Cort G200DX Java Sunset Electric Guitar G100 Open Pore Walnut Danelectro '67 Yellow '59 Divine Dark Walnut

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