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February Staff Picks 2023

february staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Our staff has been falling in love with these...

Love is in the air, and today our staff of musicians, students, parents & teachers share the instruments and accessories that they have been loving lately.

Play It Again Piano Books 1, 2 & 3

Play It Again Piano Books 1, 2 & 3

“The Perfect way to rediscover the piano.

How many of you used to play piano… but don’t play anymore? Have you ever had an itch to start playing again? These books are designed just for you! Melanie Spanswick (piano performer and teacher) has laid out a detailed plan for you to start tickling the keys again! This 4 part series is complete with pictures, lesson plans, and full pieces of music. You can skip past the Mary Had A Little Lamb and get to playing REAL music. Don’t just dream about it, play it again TODAY!"

- Dakota

starry night remo Thunder Tube

Thunder Tube

“This little tube packs more Thunder than AC/DC. Bring monsoon thunderstorms with you anywhere in this lil THUNDAH TUUUUUUUBE”

- Katie

french horn cleaning kit spiffy kit

Spiffy Kits

“These are my favorite thing in the store and they have been for a long time. Our custom cleaning kits take the guesswork out of cleaning and maintaining your band or orchestra instruments. We put a lot of thought into including the things that are truly necessary so you don’t have to figure it out yourself and find everything individually. "

- Lucille

Cort Action DLX AS Bass Guitar

Cort Action DLX AS Bass Guitar

“I just recently picked this bad boy up as my first bass and I’m having a blast learning how to play it. This is a perfect first bass to get your first grooves on! 😎😎”

- Lui

conn-selmer saxophone roadshow

Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Saxophone

“A Rare Beauty in stock at IMC!

The incredible Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Saxophone in stunning brushed matte finish with Paris Jewelers Hand Engraving. With a totally unique acoustically engineered divided ribbed keywork, this horn projects with a greater resonance and warmth than any other horn in its’ class.

Audition this and other fantastic horns during our Saxophone Roadshow Event which ends on Saturday, February 4th, 2023."

- Richard

A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats 14”

A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats 14”

“Say no more. A classic from here to the studios of LA, second only to the famed new Beats, these hats have hammered grooves along the edge that allow for a pronounced chick and a cutting high end that will sit on top of a mix like no other.”

- Wyatt

D’Addario Headstand

D’Addario Headstand

"We’ve been using these in the store for years. This is a simple accessory for string changes, and cleaning/servicing my instruments I now can’t live without.”

- Chico

Tama 14x5.5 Metalworks Steel Snare Drum

Tama 14x5.5 Metalworks Steel Snare Drum

“This Tama snare drum is the absolute best BANG for your buck you could possibly find. It has an incredible punch while still remaining sensitive, and sounds incredible across basically the entire tuning range. The matte black theme doesn’t hurt to look at either.”

- Chase


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