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Happy New Year from IMC! 2022

Welcome to 2022! We asked our staff what they want to focus on this year musically, and they came through below.

We're going to call them New Year's Music Resolutions here (because why not, right?) but this is your friendly reminder that you can make a "resolution" to do something you've been longing for at any given time, and that even if you put something down for a little while it doesn't mean you've failed. You can always pick it back up again :)

"I'm gonna arrange/organize/setup my music room. It's so important to have a comfortable space to practice and play in, and it is my goal to create that space for myself this year!" - Michael Santander "I have a secret desire to learn to sing and front an awesome rock band with my friends who are real musicians. First step, learn to sing. I just reached out to our friend Crystal Stark at to talk about her group lessons for adults." - Leslie Stirm
"I'm going to spend more time playing euphonium in the new year! I just bought a Shires Q Series Euphonium and I'm excited to bust out some Carnival of Venice variations after a lot of much needed fast finger work" - Jordan Robison "I plan on practicing my guitar on my own more, as opposed to playing more with the band. Rehearsing on my own more with a metronome more than I already do." -  Denny Seefieldt
"I want to be in a band again! In 2022 I'm going to dig up some old songs, write some new ones, and start playing music with my friend Carlos!" - Lucille Petty "I want to listen to more genres/styles of music I am not familiar with, and be better at Clarinet than Squidward" - Luis Gomez
"I want to buy and learn how to play Sitar." - Chico "My 2022 New Years resolution is to get my flute chops up. Happy New Year!" - Thomas Tovar


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