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July Staff Picks 2022

july staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Face Melting Staff Picks this July!

Crank up your AC or swamp cooler, get out your tuner, and get ready to jam with our staff of musicians, teachers, parents, and students who have some spicy instruments and accessories that they couldn't help but share with you!

yamaha guitalele camping

"This is what I like to use as my campfire guitar. With summer camping trips here I never forget to add this when packing for my outdoor excursions. It is unique in its own way by being the best of both worlds. Its small body makes it extremely portable while having soft nylon strings like a ukulele that don’t hurt my fingers after a long day of climbing. Yet I can play it like a guitar and sing along. It sounds amazing and every guitar player should have one. Did I mention it’s super affordable too?"

- Katie Martin

silk sonic pvg sheet music book

“This album is so dope!!! Probably the smoothest silkiest set of songs out there and this PVG version is spot on!”

- Thomas Tovar

yamaha transacoustic concert cutaway brown sunburst acoustic guitar

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“This new version of an IMC staff favorite now comes in a cutaway, brown sunburst finish that is absolutely stunning! And with the revolutionary TransAcoustic system providing onboard effects at the push of a button without needing an amp, this is an instrument you HAVE to come in and try for yourself!"

- Dakota Cavanaugh

floyd rose titanium insert blocks

“Titanium insert blocks are made from the highest grade titanium available. These Inserts provide increased sustain, clarity and definition. They will never split or expand and get stuck in the saddles. An easy great upgrade for your Floyd Rose bridges.”

- Denny Seefieldt

gaddiments sheet music

“In this, the first drum book he has written, music legend Steve Gadd presents a series of rudimental passages inspired by his experience in drum corps and his love of the rudiments. Each of the etudes is based on a classic or contemporary rudiment, or on Steve's personal variations. Drum set, drum corps, and classical drummers will find an instant classic in these pages, with elements that will improve your technical ability, musical phrasing, groove, and your rhythmic vocabulary. This is a monster musician, sharing a wealth of knowledge with YOU, the happy reader!"

- Syd

codabow diamond GX

“The perfectly crafted balance and camber of this bow allows for an astounding capability for clear tone. No matter what you throw at it, the Diamond GX seems to weather the storm like a seaworthy ship. The ease with which one can handle this bow does not sacrifice its versatility or its resonance, however, as it is one of the most capable pro-level bows I’ve ever played.”

- Wyatt Whiting-Hill

hennessey strap locks

“I love these Hennessey Strap Locks. They’re easy to install, they come in a few different fun colors and they will ensure that your instrument will stay put no matter how hard you rock. ”

- Chico

kala orchestra mini guitar

“This small bodied acoustic guitar packs a punch and has the looks to back it up. The striped ebony back and sides are BEAUTIFUL. The solid spruce top sounds great. The build and quality is exceptional. Kala nailed it. It comes with a padded gig bag at this price. This is hard to put down once you start playing it. SO MUCH FUN!”

- Michael Santander

sageman djembes

“Each drum individually hand carved of Solid Mahogany for unmatched tone!

Tuning ropes use Sageman’s unique fiber blend to keep the natural skin head in tune longer."

- Richard Sullivan

boss 60w katana bass amp

“I enjoy the journey toward awesome tone as much as I love awesome tone itself. This amp delivers on both! I bought one of these the day they arrived at our store, and I’m still discovering new tone-sculpting tricks and bonus features. It sounds great with virtually any bass plugged into it, and the aux input turns it into a full-blown sound system with articulate highs and tight, punchy lows.”

- Wes McCanse

ibanez b50 banjo

“The Ibanez B-50 Banjo is the perfect starter banjo. The mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard with dot position markers, which makes it comfortable to play. This instrument is a blast for anyone looking to explore a quality new instrument at an affordable price. Ibanez has a reputation for building quality banjos, having even collaborated on an artist signature model with Earl Scruggs.”

- Jacob LaBar


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