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June Staff Picks 2022

june staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Summer Staff Picks this June!

Summer is HERE! Dust off your guitar, break out the instrument polish, and start experimenting! Our staff of musicians, teachers, parents, and students are right here with you and have some summer must haves to recommend!

spiffy kit instrument cleaning kit

"It’s the end of the school year, if you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to deep clean your band or orchestra instrument! IMC stocks all your instrument cleaning supplies as well as instrument specific Spiffy Kits."

- Chico

maple leaf strings CC8001SB fiberglass cello case

“This case is incredible. The latches are super solid, and secure, it has wheels, and this color is AWESOME! Blue? Seafoam? Robins egg? I love it. This is an amazing case at a surprisingly low price point, and it’s the ONLY ONE WE HAVE. I can’t wait to find a great home for this.”

- Michael Santander

system 76 soprano saxophone in its case

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“The System 76 soprano saxophone by P.Mauriat is a combination of vintage inspired sound and Modern saxophone design. This sax has ideal key ergonomics, super comfortable to play and has a huge core sound thanks to its enlarged bell. Pairs extremely well with the Legere signature cut reed. Come try this Beauty out today”

- Thomas Tovar

gravity picks gold series guitar pick

“Picks can be very important to a guitarist, much like a bow to string players. I love heavy picks, and the 2.0 Gold Series Pick IS that thick pick. Offering extreme control during tricky alternate picking passages, and glides across the strings for economy, and sweep picking. A strummer? No worries here, as the special thermoplastic blend allows for smooth contact with the strings. I absolutely adore the way this pick feels in my hand. Also, love the gold color! I can’t wait to go home and practice.”

- Syd

kala koa tenor ukulele

“This solid koa tenor ukulele from Kala has the sweetest little voice. Punchy highs combined with the warm tonal characteristics of a tenor body give it a truly unique sound. High quality hardware and beautiful handiwork make this an unforgettable little uke."

- Wyatt Whiting-Hill

LP tommy lee rock star bell

“No one plays a bell like Tommy Lee!

Super LP Heavy Duty High Quality Hand Made Bell.

Gotta play it to believe it!”

- Richard Sullivan


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