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March Staff Picks 2021

Happy March from IMC!

Our staff at IMC is awesome. We 're a team of musicians, parents, teachers, and students, so naturally we fall in love with products that come through the store all the time.

This month our staff shares their March Product Picks:

YEV-104 Electric Violin - BUY

"The design is beautiful. The sound is incredible. It is extremely lightweight. And the 5-string version is a violist dream! Not always having to shift to get a beautiful high note?! Amazing!"

- Stephanie Carter

Gator Instrumental Face Mask - BUY

"These dual layer masks are helping to safely bring music back to our schools and community. A necessity for all musicians - I keep one in every trombone case!"

- Jordan Robison

New Mapex drum set finishes! - BUY

"The Mars kit in Driftwood is a refreshingly original finish.

The Armory kits in Marine and Night Sky Burst are stunning.

When all this is over, live music is going to be BIG again. Don't you want to be a drummer?"

- Leslie Stirm

iRig Pro Duo I/O - BUY

"The iRig Pro Duo is a great portable interface that fits in your pocket. I like the functionality of two inputs and direct headphone monitoring. You can take your studio to the park!"

- Brian Lesh

Roland RP102 Digital Piano - BUY

“This is an elegant digital piano that looks and feels like the real deal. The acoustic-like features help the player focus on the wonderful feel and sound the instrument has! It also doesn't break the bank for a set up digital piano with a three pedal unit!”

-Shirleen Lee

Breedlove Performer Concert Bourbon CE - BUY

"I'm head over heels for this guitar! Part of Breedlove’s new organic series, this guitar is made from completely sustainable tone woods. Along with a totally rockin’ aesthetic, it plays wonderfully!"

- Dakota Cavanaugh

NUX Tubeman Mini Overdrive Pedal - BUY

"Every Guitar player needs one of these on their pedal board. It's that classic green overdrive everyone knows and loves for a fraction of the price."

- Michael Chico

LED Ring Light Kit - BUY

"This is an essential tool to have at home nowadays, and with the included desktop mic stand and the stand adapter for cell phones and cameras, this is an AMAZING deal!"

- Michael Santander

Venn Synthetic Reeds by D'Addario - BUY

"I'm always looking for ways to reduce my environmental impact, and VENN reads help do just that. Having a truly reusable reed seems like a no-brainer, and D'Addario has changed the game with their approach to making these"

- Lucille Petty

Boss RC-500 Loop Station - BUY

"A two-track looper that's easy to use, with lots of fun features & memory, plus multiple inputs. It's like a bandmate who doesn't have to ask how to play that chord."

- Alaric Weber

Rubix 22 USB Interface - BUY

"I use this interface with a Shure SM57 microphone to teach online trombone lessons safely from home."

- Matthew Varney

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