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New Year's Resolutions for Musicians by Musicians 2024

new year's resolutions brought to you by the musicians at Instrumental Music Center

A new year has begun and the people in your life keep asking you what your New Year's Resolution for 2024 is.

If you're having trouble thinking of something specific to put your mind to, don't worry, our staff of musicians have shared theirs to give you a little inspiration!

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"I want to record more of my music this year at my home. I spent the year improving my home recording gear... now it's time to use it!”

- Santander

“I want to learn guitar to a point I would consider myself a Guitar Player”

- Lowe

“My main goal is to write, record, and release a solo album of original folk songs!”

- Oliver Dewey

“I’ve got a backlog of journal entries and songs I’ve been working on for years. It’s about time I got in front of people and played them.”

- Lucille

“In 2024 I'm going to learn to play my pedal steel! Who's got a country band I can join? 🤠”

- Phil

“I want to try and see more live music!”

- Luis

“I'd like to do some more traveling and touring in 2024!”

- Chico

“I love the accessible art spaces Tucson has, so in 2024 I want to help organize an educational music event centering the queer, trans, disabled, BIPOC community! ✨”

- Ru

“In 2024 I’m working with the Tucson Girls Chorus. I’ll be performing with them at the Duets Fundraiser in April. First step… learn to sing”

- Leslie

“My New Years Resolution is to continue to grow in understanding and being able to play jazz progressions on upright bass.”

- James

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