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September Staff Picks 2021

IMC Staff Shares Their Picks for September

September is here and so are some new favorites that our staff of students, teachers, parents, and musicians just can't get enough of!

"Have you ever wanted to start making beats or record your own music? A good midi controller is essential for both of those! This compact controller has 25 semi-weighted keys that feel great. 8 RGB lit pads with 4 banks make for a total of 32 assignable pads. Pitch bend, modulation, and octave shift controls let you get creative with things. Plus, it comes with a lite version of a few different softwares to get you up and running! This is a great piece of equipment for any beginner, or the most experienced of recording musicians."

- Dakota Cavanaugh

"This turntable is so rad. It’s small, portable, has a speaker built into it, and has USB connectivity. I personally love having a record player that has a speaker built in because it means I can take it anywhere in my house and jam out. The USB connectivity is great for old unique records I want to listen to when I’m not around my record player, and can’t find them tonline." - Lucille Petty

“This little critter is the 'All or Nothing' effect you didn’t know you needed. Originally designed, and used by Jack White on both guitar AND vocals, this box is divine. Play something, turn it on, and back up, as fuzzy Velcro dust devils swirl around you. Superbly simple design - on or off. See what havoc you can wreak on your neighbors! This limited run pedal is made in conjunction with Third Man Records."

- Syd

"This digital keyboard has such a sleek design and can fit any player's aesthetic. This keyboard comes in red, white, and black with a minimalist approach to have the piano focus on the MUSIC. Inside it also has an AiX sound source technology for 61 different authentic sounds, with a new and improved speaker!" - Shirleen Lee

"You can’t frown and play these pedals. It’s impossible. The sounds that these make are fantastic and will bring creativity and joy to any pedal user's setup. Third Man Hardware has sought out incredibly talented companies, designers and musicians to collaborate with and create truly unique and exciting pedals that give your rig endless possibilities."

- Michael Santander


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