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September Staff Picks 2022

september staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Our Staff Picked these Just for You!

As we creep into Tucson Fall (see: slightly less hot but still hot) our staff of students, parents, teachers & musicians have gathered their recent favorite instruments and accessories to make you feel as cool as you wish it was.

trumpet brasstache

"Want to be the next star of your marching show??? or maybe you’re tired of waiting for that sweet stache to grow, or maybe society is telling you that you can’t grow a stache well. The Brass Stache is your solution to instant awesomeness and self-fulfillment (and a sick stache)"

- Thomas Tovar

ibanez gio RG electric guitar glue metal chameleon electric guitar

“The Blue Metal Chameleon finish on this Ibanez catches the attention of everyone that walks by. The roasted maple neck is rock solid with the smooth and comfortable feel that Ibanez is known for. I love the tone and versatility of the Classic Elite pickups and 5-way selector switch wired to give you both humbucker and single-coil options. Best of all, it plays like an Ibanez RG! The feel and playability of the RG series makes this guitar great for beginners and seasoned shredders alike!”

- Wes

Gotoh 5th String Banjo Tuner Key in Nickel

“It’s a great replacement for the 5th string tuner on your banjo. It’s also a nice upgrade for most Banjos"

- Denny Seefieldt

rubix 22 interface

“An audio interface is essential for any bedroom producer, professional musician, or even just an up and coming podcaster. Roland is one of the best instrument companies and their pro audio branch is no different. Also, this product comes with a free download of Ableton Live Lite, one of the industry standard DAWs for music creation! ”

- Lui

yamaha YTR850IIGS trumpet

Yamaha YTR850IIGS Trumpet

“I’m loving this exclusive model Yamaha Custom Trumpet that’s only for sale through select full line Yamaha retailers (like IMC)! It’s packed full of features for the advancing performer. ML bore, 1 piece gold brass bell, and artist model styling. This one is sure to give your playing a big boost."

- Leslie Stirm

ibanez talman tcm50 natural high gloss acoustic electric guitar

“As an electric guitar player, it’s not often I find an acoustic that affords a seamless changeover. Between the body size, and fretboard radius, an electric player would find this guitar very comfy. The double cutaway gives you access to all 20 of those frets! Also, look at that crazy top! Highly figured ash really makes a statement here. I also love the oblong, “pick shaped” sound hole. All in all, a great value for a high quality instrument! Come on in and plug this thing in!”

- Syd

Selmer SFL511BO Intermediate French Flute

"This flute really projects! The Solid Sterling Silver Handcut Headjoint is amazing. With premium Pisoni pads fitted with domed resonators, the sound is fantastic!”

- Richard Sullivan

sshhmute trumpet practice mute

“This mute responds freakishly well, and cuts volume down dramatically. It is a must have for every trumpet player. ”

- Dakota Cavanaugh

Breedlove Lu'au Concert Ukulele Myrtlewood

“Breedlove’s unique choice in tonewood offers a sound that is somewhat unconventional in a ukulele, with excellent projection and sustain. Combine that with a low g string and you’ve got a powerful little instrument each of them one of a kind."

- Wyatt


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