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Summer Staff Picks

IMC Staff Shares Their Picks for July

It's summer and that means there are some HOT things in our store that our team of musicians, parents, teachers, and students just can't get enough of!

“These books are perfect as we are starting to be able to play music with our friends and family again! They not only give you the melody and lyrics for hundreds of songs, but also the chord diagrams for five different instruments. Whether you're sitting around the campfire, sharing Christmas carols, or just want to jam out to popular hits, this series has it all! Grab some friends, your guitar, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin and get strumming - together!" - Stephanie Carter

"This case is a great way to protect your mouthpieces and ligatures from the elements! It is water resistant, and completely modular. Change it up to fit your gear!" - Dakota Cavanaugh

"Looking for an amp that can do everything from super dirty tones to shiny cleans with Reverb, Vibrato and Stereo Chorus built right in? Look no further. If you're a pedal enthusiast, this amp is the perfect platform if you're looking to just get the sound of your pedals while retaining warmth and without 'coloring' your tone. With the return of gigs, the JC40's compact profile and 40 Watts of power are more than enough to shred a club sized venue too!" - Chico

"These earrings are cute and fashionable for any person who wants to show off their musical style! Coming in various 2D and 3D instruments and shapes! These are handmade with colors added in by our owner Leslie, and are absolutely unique! I need all of them!" - Shirleen Lee

"This is an ESSENTIAL accessory for any Saxophonist who plays a Vintage Horn. It fills the gap between the body and the case. It adjusts to eliminate any movement of the horn body within the case. This prevents expensive and difficult to repair damage to the fragile top end keywork and the neck receiver. Standard replacement end plugs and factory original end plugs don't do the job anymore, as the old case frame and interior padding has worn over time, creating additional space needing to be filled." - Richard Sullivan

"Between our new hats, t-shirts, beanies, stickers, tote bags, and gift cards I am fully decked out in new IMC gear. I love our new logo and it's so fun to wear it around the community." - Lucille Petty

"Tucson has such an incredible, diverse, and exciting live music scene. So many genres and styles and formats and venues to experience. This calendar is bringing together tons of great information that any Tucson music lover will want to have at their fingertips." - Michael Santander

"Harmonicas come in different keys? They do! And now you can get three essential keys in one box for just $20! Throw on the harmonica holder to free up your guitar hands, and you’re chillin’ like a Dylan." - Alaric Weber


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