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Teacher Feature - Dean Moore

dean moore band director

Dean Moore (he/him) is the band director at Tucson High Magnet School. You may have seen him and his wife Trish recently in a couple of commercials for Vantage West Credit Union that included a little peek at the inside of our store and some sweet shots of him and his students hard at work on the marching field.

We asked Dean six questions about his life as a musician but we had to share his commercial spot first:

What Instrument Do You Play?

I'm a drummer. I used to consider myself a percussionist. Then I realized drummers get paid.

Best flavor of Pop Tart?

Strawberry Frosted, toasted. Who doesn't toast their Pop Tarts? Savages.

Favorite Piece to Conduct?

Eric Whitacre's "October."

Baton, Pencil, or just your hands?

Baton. Some fancy things things are overrated, but I really like my Baton. Plus it was a gift.

What Instrument do you WISH you knew how to play?

Piano. The versatility and universality of it can't be matched.

Best piece of musical advice you've been given?

"People who create music like that don't fly planes into buildings," Dr. Stephen Gage, my college band director in the weeks following 9/11 after a particularly beautiful rehearsal. It's always been a reminder that we should put all our efforts into creating, and supporting each other.


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