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Teacher Feature - Heidi Goldman

heidi goldman piano teacher

Heidi Goldman (she/her/hers) is a strong believer that everyone should be able to have a life filled with music.

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced pianist looking to take your skill to the next leveI, Heidi offers virtual lessons, and flexible, convenient ways to improve your piano skills.

We asked Heidi six questions about her life as a music teacher:

How long have you been teaching for?

I have taught over 2,000 students of all ages, abilities, and some disabilities for 40 years with a 100% success rate. The time has flown by and I have even taught a second generation of kids.

I have a degree in education which has enabled me to provide a higher level of instruction than just being a musician. When I looked for teaching tools for kids ages 3-6, I didn't find anything that was fun. So, I started a boutique publishing company called: PureGold Teaching Tools. My business increased exponentially because when kids have fun, they learn and are interested. My teaching tools were sold at MENC conventions and NAMM shows, music stores and catalogues.

One teaching tool was selected as the year's top educational resource in Instructor Magazine. PureGold Teaching Tools were featured in Scholastic Magazine, Clavier, Musical Merchandise Review, The Instrumentalist, Strings, The AZ Daily Star, The Arizona Jewish Post, Strad (A British publication) and mentioned in UA professor Robert Cutietta's book "Raising Musical Kids: A Guide for Parents."

What instruments do you teach?

Piano. I am a child specialist and adore teaching the littles. I have a mixture of students age three to adult. Although I teach in person, I still continue to teach some students remotely using zoom. During the pandemic teaching in-person was not an option. I pivoted and created a high tech studio with four different camera angles making learning seamless, easy and enjoyable. Occasionally a puppet helper popped in to assist. I have many students all over the United States that I teach remotely and some in Tucson as well.

What's your favorite snack between students?

Anything Chocolate!

What do you like most about teaching private lessons?

The kids (and adult students, too). I love the rapport we develop, and I become part of the family. My students typically stay in my practice for 10-14 years - so I have watched them grow musically, attended their dance recitals and even graduations. I love being their mentor, role model, and the one to introduce them to all types of music.

I also love when my students request music. Exciting and motivating my students makes each lesson rewarding for me. I was awarded the "You've Made a Difference Award" at Sunrise Drive Elementary School by a young student who attended that public school - even though I was her private piano teacher. Proud moment.

Did you take lessons growing up?

Yes. My mother was taking lessons and I asked her if I could, too.

I was about 4 years old.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

You never fail if you don't give up. I also like the advice from poet laureate Maya Angelou. Here is a favorite quote that I have always lived by with friends, family and especially students: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." My students know I love and appreciate them.


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