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Teacher Feature - Mrs. Christine Garcia

Mrs. Christine Garcia band and orhcestra director

Mrs. Christine Garcia is a Sahuarita band and orchestra director. In 2020 Christine won the O.M. Hartsell Excellence in Teaching Music Award at the 2020 AMEA Music conference.

We asked Christine six questions about her life as a musician:

What Instrument Do You Play?


Best flavor of Pop Tart?

Cinnamon Roll....yum

Favorite Piece to Conduct?

Havendance by David Holsinger or 1st Suite in Eflat by Holst

Baton, Pencil, or just your hands?

All of them have great importance at different times.

What Instrument do you WISH you knew how to play?

Piano and Double Bass are so cool and relatable, I wish I could play them better.

Best piece of musical advice you've been given?

Believe in yourself, it is not always easy but do it..... :)


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