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Trade-In or Sell Used Musical Instruments in Tucson

girl holding four musical instruments "trade in your instrument"

Have an instrument that just doesn't inspire you anymore, something sitting in the corner collecting dust that you swore you would play but just don't, or maybe just your clarinet from high school that doesn't work now? We want it!

We have a ton of new instruments on our walls but every once in a while we strike gold when someone like you walks through our doors hoping we'll take a used instrument off their hands and give it a new home.

Our trade-in process is easy!

1. Bring in your instrument

2. Shop while you wait

3. Receive store credit or cash

What factors go into your decision making process?

We are always excited to take a look at used instruments! How much we offer you might depend on how many of that instrument we already have, how much other customers are looking for that kind of instrument, and what kind of condition the instrument is in. We'll take everything from hand made cigar box ukuleles to vintage horns in need of a new player who will appreciate its unique details.

How much money will I receive?

This is going to vary from instrument to instrument. After we've considered all of the above factors we'll typically offer you store credit for you to use on anything in the shop and a slightly lower cash offer for you to choose between. We love our Tucson music community and hope to see our trade-in credit go toward something fun you've been meaning to treat yourself to.

Can I just donate an instrument?

Of course! If you'd rather just relinquish an instrument to our Tucson music community we will help it find a good home.

Have questions about an item you'd like to trade in?


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