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Free blowing and a high quality hand finish, with a strong heritage. Constructed by traditional methods, combining technology and experience. Manufactured by Buffet Crampon, in specially dedicated German workshops in Markneukirchen.


  • Key :Bb
  • Pitch :442 Hz
  • Body :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Stained African blackwood
  • Keys :17
  • Rings :6
  • Thumb rest :Fixed
  • Keywork finish :Silver plated
  • Springs :Stainless steel
  • Pads :Bladder


BC2501N-5 :Bb clarinet, 17 keys, double fishskin pads

Buffet E11 Intermediate Bb Clarinet

SKU: BC2501N-5-0
Expected shipping or delivery within 7-10 business days. If item is backordered we will notify you with updates
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