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10% Off All Brass Instruments & Mouthpieces

Brass Sale 10% off instruments and mouthpieces coupon code BRASS10 offer valid may 1st-31st

Save hundreds on brass instruments!

This May at IMC we're giving you 10% off all brass instruments and mouthpieces in our store (and online)! From student to professional level models this is HUNDREDS of dollars in savings that you can't afford not to take us up on while you can.




(p.s. keep your eye on our social posts/website where we'll be listing some of our favorite brass instruments and mouthpieces for purchase online with free local delivery)

getzen 900dlx eterna delux Bb trumpet

Getzen 900DLX Eterna Deluxe Bb Trumpet SKU: 900DLX

Designed for the professionals that desire an easy blowing instrument with wonderfully rich, brilliant tones. The uniquely crafted copper bell combines the fine tonal color you would expect, with unusual flexibility and powerful ease of play not typically seen on a copper bell trumpet.

yamaha ysl-882o xeno tenor trombone with f attachment

Yamaha YSL-882O Xeno Tenor Trombone with F Attachment SKU: YSL-882O

The tone is flexible with myriad tonal colors, and gives you both powerful projection at fortissimo and subtle control in the most delicate passages. This may well be the most expressive orchestral style trombone ever created.

hans hoyer g10 f/Bb double french horn string linkage

Hans Hoyer G10 F/Bb Double French Horn String Linkage SKU: HHG10L2A-1-0

The Hans Hoyer model G10 is styled after the original instruments by Carl Geyer, who immigrated to the United States in 1903. The well balanced design is very similar to the originals of the 1950’s with rich tone colors and similar resistance.

blessing bfh-1541rt brushed brass flugelhorn

Blessing BFH-1541RT Brushed Brass Flugelhorn SKU: BFH-1541RT

It is ideal for both the student or the professional musician. In performance, a player will experience a smooth feel, transitioning between trumpet and flugelhorn without compromising the characteristic warm and mellow ‘flugel’ sound.

Besson prodige performance euphonium 3+1 Silver plated

Besson Prodige Performance Euphonium 3+1 Silver Plated

SKU: BE165-2-0

The Besson Prodige euphoniums provide an excellent start to the careers of aspiring euphonium players. It has a rich, warm, centered tone and a reliable, fast and quiet valve action, as well as being comfortable for both embouchure and fingers.


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