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April Staff Picks 2021

April's here at IMC!

Our staff at IMC is hard at work making some exciting changes around the store (shhhh it's a secret for now) but that hasn't stopped our team of musicians, parents, teachers, and students from falling in love with products that come through our doors.

This month our staff shares their April Product Picks:

This book series is great for any musician. Available in Jazz, Movies, Disney, Hits, Broadway, Popular, Classical, and Christmas, and are made for every band and orchestra instrument. Flute players, french horn players, and viola players can all play together if they each have this book! It's a great way to get back to playing with other people and with music you love!

"You can now play any time, day or night! This must-have widget lets you play along to your favorite tune through headphones, or practice at full blast without disturbing neighbors. If you get inventive, you can even use it as a pickup to run your trumpet through an effects processor. Trumpet with overdrive? Yes please! "

"Virtually every player with a 1/4" output on their instrument can use this! Plug and play, easy to set up with built-in rechargeable batteries for up to 12 hours of playtime. A no-brainer for musicians tired of complicated wireless system set-ups!"

"This is the gigging musician’s best friend. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play. If you carry gear, you need this pick in your life. Incredible modular storage, durable materials, and comfortable design make this the best backpack I’ve ever owned."

"I don’t know about you but I rarely change my strings unless I HAVE to. A long-lasting coated string from D’Addario is the perfect solve for this. They last forever without losing performance quality!"

"I really like the Alhambra classical guitars. Made in Spain with a variety of tonewoods like spruce, mahogany, and ziricote. My favorite is the 4P with a solid Canadian cedar top and Indian rosewood back & sides."


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