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August Staff Picks

IMC Staff Shares Their Picks for August

It's back to school season and while summer comes to a close there are still a ton of HOT things in our store that our team of musicians, parents, teachers, and students just can't get enough of!

Gravity Picks

"I’ve been using Gravity picks for a few years now. They’re made of acrylic and come in tons of shapes and thicknesses. Each one adds its own tonal characteristic like extra attack, a shimmering chime-like tone or it can brighten up a darker sounding instrument." - Chico


Olivia Rodrigo Piano/Vocal/Guitar Book

"This is one of my favorite pop albums to come out in the last 5 years. Olivia Rodrigo brings pop punk back into the zeitgeist with her songs “brutal” “good 4 u” and “jealousy, jealousy.” The rest of the tracks perfectly capture the heartbreak and heaviness of young love. Teenage girls run pop culture so don’t sleep on this piano/vocal/guitar book, or you might get left behind." - Lucille Petty


"Emile Sauret" 4/4 Violin

“This violin is so incredible and at such an affordable price. This is a perfect instrument for the advancing player looking to achieve more dynamics in their playing while maintaining a bold warm tone. The hand applied spirit varnish and the beautiful antiquing make the instrument look as great as it sounds." - Michael Santander


Guitar Hanging Closet Bag

"Get your guitar off the floor & into one of these Hanging Closet Bags by Gator Cases. They each have two sturdy closet hooks & four mesh pockets to keep your accessories accessible (& not hidden). There are three sizes to keep your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar safely tucked away." - Alaric Weber


Music Note All-In-One Flash Card

"This thing is awesome for anyone who is learning how to read music for the first time. Universal for every instrument, this flashcard allows you to move the note to wherever you want and tests how well you read notes! The front allows you to find the note, and all the answers are written on the back. It's there when you need it, and easy to bring it to band or orchestra class!" - Shirleen Lee


Lu'au Tenor Ukulele Natural Shadow E

"I love the way this tenor ukulele plays! It has a big warm sound, and really shines when plugged in and amplified. If you're looking for an ukulele, this one is it!" - Brian Lesh