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Creative Ideas for Recruitment [Relate to New Students and Other Educators]

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Pique Interest and Find Common Ground

In this article we'll find ways you can connect with potential musicians and your fellow teachers this spring.

1. "Find famous people that play or have played instruments, and use that as part of your recruitment presentation. Focus on the folks with which your beginning band and orchestra students will have name recognition. You can make a bulletin board with photos of the celebrities and their instruments, or you can include pictures or videos in social media content. The principal purpose of this is not to 'sell' music participation using celebrity status but rather to show would-be instrumentalists that you can have a multitude of talents and interests, and that band and orchestra can be one of many. 

You love acting? Great! You can love acting and still be a musician. Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor played the horn in his younger days. You want to be a pop star? Awesome! You can work toward that goal and still have meaningful experiences in your school band and orchestra program just like superstar Lizzo did on flute during her high school and collegiate marching band days. These are just two of many examples. You may find it fun seeing the variety of people that have prioritized learning an instrument throughout the course of their lives!"

2. "Engage with the music educators whose students are potential participants in your program. Make plans now to attend the holiday concert of each school that will eventually send students to your school and make yourself visible. Offer to assist them as necessary.

  • Greet parents and introduce yourself

  • Provide opening or closing comments, narrations for the program

  • Write a note for the printed program

  • Provide a short, motivating message to the students prior to the program"

join the music free recruitment kit

3. "Did you know that right now, today, this very moment, is the perfect time to recruit students into your program? Actually, the reality is that every day is a perfect day to recruit students. This month, take some time to think about which students you can recruit into your program. Here are a few potential students to consider: 

That one kid who is hanging around your room ALL THE TIME but they aren’t yet enrolled in your program. This is the kid who will definitely be joining and will never leave!

The best friend of any of your students! How much fun will they have if they are in the group with their bestie?

Transfer students! Reach out to your guidance counselor today to see if there are students who might benefit from being in your program)."

Want some one on one guidance with your recruitment efforts?

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These recruitment tips are written by various authors and are compiled from "More to Start, Fewer to Quit" a recruitment, retention, and success newsletter brought to you by The Music Achievement Council and Instrumental Music Center.


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