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December Staff Picks 2023

december staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Handpicked Holiday Favorites!

Whether it's the perfect guitar book for cozy fireside tunes, a sparkling spiffy set of cleaning supplies, or the ideal drum set for that special someone, our staff of musicians, students, parents, and teachers have handpicked holiday picks that are the perfect jumping off point this gifting eason.

Oliver Dewey The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method – Volume 1

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method – Volume 1

"An insightful and genuinely fun method book with beautiful practice pieces perfect for beginning and experienced guitarists alike. One of my favorites to use with my guitar students!"

- Oliver

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Spiffy Kits

Spiffy Kits

"Have you cleaned your instrument lately? What better time than during the holidays! Regular routine cleaning prolongs an instrument's lifespan by preventing dirt buildup, mold, or other damages that could affect its performance and appearance. We have tailor made kits for your instrument that not only helps save time but also ensures that your instrument stays in top-notch condition for years to come!"

- Lowe

Key Leaves Spit Sponge

Spit Sponge™ Woodwind Pad Dryer

"If you’ve ever had sticky keys on your woodwind instrument, chances are you have your own spit to blame. I know. Gross. Some folks use talc covered papers to remove the spit from their pads after playing, but I love these spit sponges. They do the same job, work for most woodwind instruments, and they’re reusable so you don’t have to throw away a bunch of little papers. You can just wash these, and keep your pads in the non-stick zone."

- Lucille

On-Stage Table/Stand Mic Clamp

Pearl Roadshow Drum Sets

"These sets deliver a big sound in a compact package. Everything you need to get playing and super durable. These are great for high schoolers and gigging musicians who want a kit that's built to last. For an additional $50 we will set up the drum set so Santa doesn’t need to worry about it."

Free Local Delivery

- Leslie

Bass Clarinet Display

Bass Clarinets

"Did you know we sell bass clarinets? You do now! The store currently has two student level bass clarinets in great condition for sale! These are ideal for a young player who is starting bass clarinet and won't break the bank!"

- Jesus

Humidipak Maintain - Automatic Humidity Control System

Humidipak Maintain - Automatic Humidity Control System

"Tucson’s dry. This system helps to maintain the humidity levels in your case and is great for your guitar. The perfect size for a stocking suffer. Real talk: my skin’s dry this time of year, so my guitar’s probably dry too..."

- Leslie

GORGEOUS Upgrade Cellos

GORGEOUS Upgrade Cellos

"We currently have a WILD amount of amazing cellos in stock. I don’t think we’ve ever had this wide of a variety of cellos in stock. There has never been a better time to come find your new cello."

- Santander

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

"Since the dawn of time (1982), I’ve been in a love affair with this orange box. Once I discovered that this pedal made my meager skills actually sound good, it soon became a constant companion, riding along to every early live show I played. This Boss DS-1 made my clean little amp RAGE like a fire. It was only later, I discovered how awesome it sounds with the gain down, and the volume up. This is the perfect first pedal, and the perfect next pedal. It fits perfectly under a tree, too!"

- Syd

PROformance Cables

"Everybody needs instrument and mic cables, and our cables come with an easy-to-use lifetime warranty! We carry them in all standard lengths, with right angled options available as well! These professional quality cables are both economical and brilliant sounding."

- Jacob


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