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Holiday Instrument Upgrade Event

This holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your instrument!

From October 1st, 2023 - December 31st, 2023 we're giving you one free year of instrument coverage with the purchase of an upgrade band or orchestra instrument!

We'll take the worry of repairs and adjustments to your new instrument off your plate for one year. Normally a value of $199-$249!

Whether you've been thinking about upgrading for a while, or are just starting to consider it, making the move from a student model instrument to an intermediate or professional model can be the perfect next step.

Want to start the upgrade process? See what financing options or rebates are available!

Here are some common ways to tell it that might be time to upgrade:

  1. Your technical skills have started to outgrow your current instrument's capabilities

  2. You're starting to have more performance opportunities

  3. You can see yourself playing that type of instrument for a long time

  4. Music teachers have suggested it might be time

Want to learn more about how each of these signs might mean an upgrade is right for you? Read more.


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