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February Staff Picks 2024

february staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Staff Picks We Know You'll Love

Shopping for the Valentine in your life? Are you your own Valentine? Our staff of musicians, students, parents, and teachers know just what to get that'll keep the love alive. Check out their picks!

Michael Santander Holding a Kala Cedar Top Parlor Guitar

Kala Solid Cedar Top Parlor Guitar

"I’m a sucker for a good parlor guitar. This one is gorgeous and so much fun to play. The herringbone inlay and slotted headstock are highlights of the beautiful design, and the solid cedar top offers a rich tone that makes this an absolutely steal at this price."

- Santander

protec spit/moisture mat

Protec Spit/Moisture Mat

"A must have for any brass player! The Protec Spit/Moisture mat is anti microbial, highly absorbent, and has a nonporous back to keep moisture in. Easy to clean and comes with a mesh storage pouch."

- Mary

Selmer Seles Alto Saxophone

Selmer Paris Alto Sax 52AXOS

"This is the most affordable Paris made saxophone in the store. I upgraded to it last year and played it in the Tucson New Horizons band and it was so smooth with good action and intonation. I used it with a Selmer C* mouthpiece and it was awesome."

- Leslie

Mike Lowe Playing the Cort CR250 Electric Guitar Antique Amber

Cort CR250 Electric Guitar Antique Amber

"The is a classic workhorse! Les Paul inspired looks and custom gauge dual PAF inspired humbucking pickups give this guitar that classic FAT and VINTAGE sound you desire. With a solid Mahogany body and Flamed Maple top, its a sonic meteorite hurtling through the atmosphere leaving a trail of sonic fire in its wake!"

- Lowe

Comes with free tuner, stand, and strings until February 29th, 2024

Key Leaves for Saxophone

Key Leaves

"Every saxophone player should own Key Leaves. Condensation inside your horn can absolutely RUIN your pads. These help keep your pads propped open after playing so they can dry out instead of rotting in your case."

- Lucille

Angel Argento Violin Outfit

Angel Argento Violin Outfit

"We’ve been stocking these for over 20 years. They’re consistent, rock solid instruments, perfect for students looking to purchase at $189 instead of renting. The sweet spot between a cheap instrument you can buy from that one big box online retailer, and an upgraded student model. "

- Leslie

Oliver Holding John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Guitar Picks

John Petrucci Signature Jazz III Guitar Picks

"For any guitar players who like a smaller pick, these ones provide great feel and tone. My personal favorite! Work great on bass too!"

- Oliver

Silver Plated Vintage Buescher Soprano Saxophone

Silver Plated Vintage Buescher Soprano Saxophone

"Own a piece of history! This saxophone was built nearly 100 years ago, and while it's body has some noticeable wear, but we can tell it's been loved and taken care of it's whole life. Our talented techs have given it an overhaul, and prepared it for whatever comes next on it's musical journey. Come play test it today!"

- Jacob


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