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How to Book a Show at Splinter Collective in Tucson [Community Space]

splinter collective tucson

"The most important thing is that all events align with us in some fundamental way— housing justice, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, deeply supportive allies, and other social justice and human rights initiatives." - Splinter Collective

splinter collective tucson

Splinter Collective is a vibrant community space housed in an historic Adobe warehouse located in Cukson, or Tucson, AZ on occupied Tohono O’odham, Yoeme, Pascua Yaqui and Hohokam lands. The warehouse was originally built in 1920 to store farm equipment and has evolved many times over the years. It sits on the border of the Dunbar Spring and Barrio Anita neighborhoods just northwest of the historic arts warehouse district.

Splinter Art and Community Fund, their 501c3 non-profit (DBA Splinter Collective, or Splinter) aims to provide a safe, accessible and equitable physical and community space for liberatory art practices and social justice organizing. They focus on community events, art curation, housing justice, and providing mutual aid to the surrounding community-in particular our unsheltered neighbors. By centering marginalized voices and experiences, nurturing community building across divisions and cultivating deeply representative leadership, Splinter strives to be a model of partnership, inclusivity, diversity, and abolition.

splinter collective tucson

We asked Jess Rite, Resource Coordinator of Splinter Collective, how to book a show at the space and here's what we learned:

What is the best way to get in contact with you about booking?

What do you require during the booking process?

Anyone interested in booking may reach out with or without a media package & any relevant info is helpful, we book events that align with our organization, read about us here:

splinter collective tucson

What can performers/bands expect in terms of payment?

We have different options for a space rental.

Check out this document with more info about our options!

Are performers directly required to sell tickets ahead of time?

We suggest pre selling tickets and we can also accommodate door sales or setup a ticket sales platform on Givebutter.

"Acknowledging our place in space, and understanding our role in our neighborhood is central to our mission and identity. As an art and social justice organization, Splinter is deeply committed to anti-racism, decolonization, community partnership, mutual aid, anti-capitalism, housing justice, disability justice, addressing climate change, anti-gentrification, eviction defense and promotion of the arts.

splinter collective tucson

We center the voices and artistic visions of marginalized communities and art geared towards social change. We are thrilled to include and support in particular LGBTQIA+ artists, women artists, disabled artists, BIPOC artists, border artists, our unsheltered neighbors, and other community groups.

We practice radical hospitality by offering subsidized rent to certain community events and benefits. We reinvest into improving the space to be more inclusive and accessible and paying our staff a living wage. We will always put people before capital, and planet before profit. We believe in the radical redistribution of goods and care. We have a free store in front of the property, come bring things and take things! Splinter actively organizes with, builds community with, and employs folks living outside and in nearby encampments to build collective power and assert that housing is a human right."

Splinter Collective is such an incredible resource for the Tucson community and we hope to see you hosting a show/event there soon!

Learn more about Splinter Collective at


Is there another venue in town you'd like to learn how to book? Let us know!


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