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How to Book a Show at The Rialto Theatre, 191 Toole & R Bar [3 Tucson Venues]

Hotel Congress Tucson

"Having celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020, the Theatre now hosts 200 events and draws over 100,000 patrons annually from far and wide who enjoy a wide array of live entertainment in the Rialto’s historic setting." - The Rialto Theatre

Rialto Theatre

Rialto Theatre Interior Tucson

Whether you grew up in Tucson, moved here from somewhere else, or are just visiting, you've surely seen the iconic marquee of The Rialto Theatre downtown. Maybe you saw your favorite musician perform there as a teenager, saw an indie band you love there last week, or went to a dance party there 5 years ago. The Rialto has it all, and is one of the largest historic venues in Tucson with floor space, seating, and a mezzanine, as well as a large, functional, classic stage space.

191 Toole

191 Toole Interior Tucson

The name is the address! 191 Toole bridges the gap between DIY shows and larger concerts. With a significant amount of floor space for the audience, and a unique corner stage, 191 Toole hosts all ages and 21+ events. You might see your favorite local band here this weekend, or a touring artist you never thought would stop through Tucson.

R Bar

R Bar Interior Tucson

"R Bar is a wing of The Rialto Theatre Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the historic preservation and programming of the Rialto Theatre and 191 Toole. All proceeds go towards ongoing improvements, operations, and programming of the Rialto, 191 Toole, and R Bar; as well as the new youth education and outreach programs." - R Bar

R Bar is swanky, funky, and everything's RED. It's got a vibe like no other, and feels distinctly Tucson. With no dedicated show stage, R Bar typically hosts smaller acts. Think duos, one band throughout the night, or your favorite local musician doing a surprise DJ set. Shows here are typically 21+.


We asked Kris Kerry in charge of Booking at The Rialto, how to book a show at these spaces and here's what we learned:

What is the best way to get in contact with you about booking?

This email address:

Do you require a link to music the performer/band makes?

9 times out of 10, yes. Please send a link to streaming audio.

Do you require a media package?

No media package is required

Should a performer/band reach out to you directly, or do you prefer managers to contact you?

Bands can reach out to us directly!

What can performers/bands expect in terms of payment?

Most local show deals are based on door percentages. If we are able to get you on as support for a national act, most budgets are $150-$250. We can also do consignment sale deals to augment any other payment arrangements.

How far out should performer/band reach out about booking?

Just depends, but in general 6-8 weeks.

Are performers required to fill the rest of the bill?

This depends... if they are arranging for an all-local night it helps!

Are performers directly required to sell tickets ahead of time?

No, but if they want to we can arrange for that.

Does the booking process differ much for each venue?

There isn't much of a difference between venues.

Learn more about The Rialto, 191 Toole, and R Bar at their website:

We hope to see you on one of their stages soon!


Is there another venue in town you'd like to learn how to book? Let us know!


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