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How to Book a Show at The Jackrabbit Lounge [Tucson Venue]

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"In 2018, we were planning on launching the first Nocturnal Creatures Lounge. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen building fire, that idea was put on hold. Luckily for us, that unfortunate event gave birth to a new lounge.

the jackrabbit lounge

The Jackrabbit Lounge is Tucson’s retro inspired lounge which includes comfortable vibes, innovated cocktails, and sharable plates. Come enjoy a fancy highball, or any of our 25 taps. Through out the week we host live entertainment, karaoke, and other nightly events.

The Jackrabbit Lounge caters to those who crave the night lights and bright desert stars, to those who seek out a better crafted cocktail, to those who want to curb out that late night hunger, and to those who could just use a shot and beer." - The Jackrabbit Lounge

the jackrabbit lounge

We asked Keith Caywood at The Jackrabbit Lounge how to book a show at the space and here's what we learned:

What is the best way to get in contact with you about booking?

Please reach out to us at

Do you require a link to music the performer/band makes?

We do like to see if you are a fit for our lounge or the night we are negotiating. So, yes.

Do you require a media package?

No. But it does help to know what type of establishments you have played locally before.

the jackrabbit lounge

Should a performer/band reach out to you directly, or do you prefer managers to contact you?

We do like conversing with bands directly. This way all expectations are managed and agreed on without any conflicts.

What can performers/bands expect in terms of payment?

All shows are negotiable. We prefer a flat rate ( unless bands are creating an event in which they know they are basically doing a bar take over). Our rates reflect the size of our venue and what we expect on turnout. Also, the size of the band and whether they can manage their own sound needs.

How far out should performers/bands reach out about booking?

We look about one month in advance for most shows. We look as far as three months out for booking as well.

Are performers required to fill the rest of the bill?

Yes, we look for a minimum of a two hour set. We prefer longer sets. If they include featured acts during breaks or a collaboration of two featured bands… that’s always a plus.

Are performers directly required to sell tickets ahead of time?

Bands are required to produce social media flyers to blast through their avenues and for us to echo through our channels. Larger productions like variety shows or themed events, we require them to do so and to manage sales prior and at the door.

the jackrabbit lounge

Is there anything else folks should know about the process? Anything we missed?

We like to support local and are looking for local acts that have a following. All bars and venues have a duty to secure return of income from sales. Most of us follow a matrix where labor costs and booking costs come under 30% of that days revenue combined (during the hours you perform). I might like what you bring to the table and you might be at the top of your game, but if you do not bring in revenue and self promote we will shake your hand and look elsewhere.

Learn more about The Jackrabbit Lounge at


Is there another venue in town you'd like to learn how to book? Let us know!


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