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Instrument Petting Zoo at the Tucson Festival of Books

join the music at the tucson festical of books instrumental music center 2023

Join us at booth #452 on March 4th-5th, 2023 at the Tucson Festival of Books located at the open-air University of Arizona Mall.

We'll be hosting an Instrument Petting Zoo, giving away our newly illustrated Musical Instrument Guide, and offering one month of free instrument rent!

instrument petting zoo

Instrument Petting Zoo

People of all ages will be given the opportunity to get up close and personal with band and orchestra instruments for the very first time.

Our team of experts will be there to answer questions about each instrument and help future players make a sound on their favorites.

join the music musical instrument guide

Musical Instrument Guide

It wouldn't be the Tucson Festival of Books without a book to add to all the fun.

Written and illustrated by Tucson natives Michael Santander and Lucille Petty, this 16 page, full color booklet is small enough to put in your back pocket.

Every page introduces future players to each band and orchestra instrument, describes the basics of how to play each one, and what sound the instrument makes. At the end of the book readers are encouraged to choose their favorite to help make the road to joining band or orchestra that much smoother.

We're giving these away for free each day at our booth while supplies last.

trumpet rental

One Month of Free Instrument Rent

You read that right! We'll be offering one month of free rent on a new rental!

Use our easy sign up form at the festival and when you start a new rental you'll get three months of rent when you pay for the first two.

Learn more about our rentals before the festival and check out our FAQ!

Have questions about where to find us at the festival? Check out this map of the whole event, and look for "Instrumental" to the left of the circus on this close up.

See you there!


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