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Join the Music! - How to Choose What to Play

Join the music

Thinking of joining the band or orchestra? With so many great instruments to choose from we know it can be a tough decision. Whether you don't know where to start or you need help narrowing down your options, we're here to help!

Join the Band

Woodwinds, brass, and percussion! Keys, pistons, and drumsticks.

Some instrument styles call to people naturally, and others need a little experimenting to see which works best.

Join the Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello and Upright Bass

Size, shape, tuning, and clef all play instrumental parts in deciding which stringed instrument to play. From fiddle to classical, the options are endless. Pick up a bow or pluck out some notes.

Ready to get started?

We make renting an instrument easy! Drop by our shop, or rent from the comfort of your own home with free local delivery. We'll bring your new instrument to you at no extra cost.

All of our instruments are 100% rent-to-own, meaning that the total cost of each of your monthly payments goes toward the purchase of that, or a higher quality instrument in the future. We offer kid-proof insurance (just in case) and rent month-to-month so you aren't stuck with it if it doesn't work out!

Still need a little help deciding?

For $30, you can reserve up to a 30 minute session in a private studio with an IMC staff member to try up to 3 different instruments. The $30 charge will go directly towards your instrument rental down payment if you choose to rent that day. A hands on approach to picking an instrument is a helpful way to know you're making the right choice!


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