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Join the Music - Recruitment Kit for Music Teachers

We created our Join the Music Recruitment Kit specifically for music educators. Now it's easier than ever to generate interest in band and orchestra.

The kit varies in quantities depending on your program needs, and is full of useful tools you and your future students will love.

The Join the Music Recruitment Package includes:

The Poster

Hang these around your school with "Join the Band" or "Join the Orchestra" artwork (or both).

Gift these to teachers at your feeder elementary or middle schools to hang in their classrooms or hallways to get young players excited about the idea of band and orchestra at your school.

The Musical Instrument Guide

This 16 page, full color, illustrated booklet is small enough to put in your back pocket, introduces band and orchestra instruments, how to make a sound on each one, and describes what sound each instrument makes. This keepsake encourages future players to pick their favorite instrument to help them come into band or orchestra knowing what they want to play.

The Stickers

When is the last time you saw an elementary school student turn down a sticker?

We suggest passing these die-cut stickers out to prospective students and to players in your program.

A retention tool to help reinforce their identity as a musician and a recruitment tool that other students will see daily.

Want to help students choose which instrument to play online? Check out our "Welcome to Band/Orchestra" videos!

Curious about why recruitment matters for your program? Need some inspiration for how to keep students engaged and excited about music? Check out our More to Start Fewer to Quit series for some helpful tips.


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