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March Sale - 15% Off All Violin, Violas, Cellos & Basses

We used to have one small strip of slat wall with a few violins displayed, but now we have an ENTIRE ROOM full of orchestral strings!

Come check out our string room this March and get 15% off all violins, violas, cellos, and basses. This month only!




(p.s. keep your eye on our social posts/website where we'll be listing some of our favorite stringed instruments for purchase online with free local delivery)

Burled Maple Violin 4/4


We're kicking off our orchestral sale with this unbelievable 4/4 size Burled Maple violin.

We've never seen anything like this one. It's gorgeous, unique, and perfect for the advanced student. The burled maple back on these models dries for 4-5 years to ensure stability.

Master Lucienne 7/8 Cello

SKU: MLS3600C78

Its full, earthy tone is only matched by its astounding playability and responsiveness. An excellent pick for an intermediate player wanting a cello that will last a lifetime, or a seasoned player hoping for a more portable instrument to travel with.

Chaconne Violin 4/4


Often described as "German Brown" the Chaconne from Maple Leaf Strings is a gorgeous addition to any violin player's arsenal. Made with a hand-applied spirit and oil mixed varnish, and decorated boxwood fittings.

Lord Wilton Viola Tertis 15.5"


This viola is fully hand carved in the Tertis pattern. Most violas you see are Stradivari pattern (typical violin/viola shape) while a Tertis has narrower upper bouts, wider lower bouts, and taller ribs. Antiquing (a tradition dating back centuries) makes this look like a well loved viola, and we're sure it will be in the right player's hands.

Hellier Strad Violin 4/4

SKU: MLS540D44

The Hellier Strad has a color unique to itself, fully hand-carved, with attractive decorative inlays on the sides, and scroll. The graduation pattern in a stringed instrument (how the inside of the body is carved for tone and balance) creates the biggest difference in sound, and the Hellier is outfitted with a premium advanced student Guarneri graduation pattern.


Coda Bows

A violin bow to a violin is like a paintbrush to a canvas.

If you wouldn't use a cheap plastic paintbrush with professional grade paint, there's no reason you shouldn't invest in a professional quality bow to meet the quality of your instrument.

15% Off Through All March 2022


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