March Sale - 15% Off All Violin, Violas, Cellos & Basses

We used to have one small strip of slat wall with a few violins displayed, but now we have an ENTIRE ROOM full of orchestral strings!

Come check out our string room this March and get 15% off all violins, violas, cellos, and basses. This month only!




(p.s. keep your eye on our social posts/website where we'll be listing some of our favorite stringed instruments for purchase online with free local delivery)

Burled Maple Violin 4/4


Normal IMC Price $1,799.00

Sale Price $1529.15

We're kicking off our orchestral sale with this unbelievable 4/4 size Burled Maple violin.

We've never seen anything like this one. It's gorgeous, unique, and perfect for the advanced student. The burled maple back on these models dries for 4-5 years to ensure stability.

Master Lucienne 7/8 Cello

SKU: MLS3600C78

Normal IMC Price $4,599.00

Sale Price $3909.15

Its full, earthy tone is only matched by its astounding playability and responsiveness. An excellent pick for an intermediate player wanting a cello that will last a lifetime, or a seasoned player hoping for a more portable instrument to travel with.

Chaconne Violin 4/4


Normal IMC Price $1,049.00

Sale Price $891.65

Often described as "German Brown" the Chaconne from Maple Leaf Strings is a gorgeous addition to any violin player's arsenal. Made with a hand-applied spirit and oil mixed varnish, and decorated boxwood fittings.

Lord Wilton Viola Tertis 15.5"


Normal IMC Price $1,659.00

Sale Price $1410.15

This viola is fully hand carved in the Tertis pattern. Most violas you see are Stradivari pattern (typical violin/viola shape) while a Tertis has narrower upper bouts, wider lower bouts, and taller ribs. Antiquing (a tradition dating back centuries) makes this look like a well loved viola, and we're sure it will be in the right player's hands.

Hellier Strad Violin 4/4

SKU: MLS540D44

Normal IMC Price $1,899.00

Sale Price $1614.15

The Hellier Strad has a color unique to itself, fully hand-carved, with attractive decorative inlays on the sides, and scroll. The graduation pattern in a stringed instrument (how the inside of the body is carved for tone and balance) creates the biggest difference in sound, and the Hellier is outfitted with a premium advanced student Guarneri graduation pattern.


Coda Bows

A violin bow to a violin is like a paintbrush to a canvas.

If you wouldn't use a cheap plastic paintbrush with professional grade paint, there's no reason you shouldn't invest in a professional quality bow to meet the quality of your instrument.

15% Off Through All March 2022